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Bohol Bound Day 1 (072410)

This was my first travel via airplane. This was last year, July 2010. I was with my girlfriends. First stop was Bohol but we booked our flight to Cebu since the promo was not available on the date we wanted. We just bought a roundtrip ferry ticket (Supercat Ferry) to Tagbilaran then back to Cebu. We don’t have any itinerary. We didn’t book any hotel accommodation. Fortunately we have an officemate  who went there before us so we just got their tour guide‘s number to hire as well. We had the usual day tour. In between our tour we’re also discussing where to stay at night. Our guide suggested some but the accommodation was way too high for our budget.  We decided to go straight to Panglao after our tour in the City. We stayed at Paragayo Resort. It’s less than 15mins walk away from the beach. It’s ok. We’re on a budget. 😀 Owner and staff were friendly. Free wifi here, there’s also a computer shop in the resort itself. 

inside the church

Girls wearing sleeveless and shorts are not allowed to enter. They’ll wrap something on you before you enter. 

Baclayon Church – 1727

The oldest coral stone church in the region. 

One of the oldest in Asia and foremost among the best preserved Jesuit-built churches in the Philippines.

So cute and fragile. 😀

man made forest

lost in the forest 🙂

Chocolate Hills + Dark clouds

After this shot it started to rain. That explain the dark clouds. We ran to the nearby photo and print stalls for shelter, when rain didn’t stop we brave the rain and ran downstairs back to our rented van. If we stayed there longer it will affect our itinerary for that day. We changed clothes. We wore the Bohol shirt we bought in the souvenir shops near Loboc River. Then were off to Bohol’s Butterfly Farm

Loving Bohol

Hanging Bridge - At the end of the bridge there are souvenir shops. Prices are a bit cheaper. I think its cheaper because you have to make an effort to cross the bridge. This is just my opinion. haha

Prony (phyton) – She’s not in the mood for a photo opt. 😀

Marimar, entertaining Prony's visitors.

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