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Bohol Day 2 -Exploring Panglao Island

Alona Beach

Before we call it a night on our day 1 in Bohol we asked some locals for a cheap boat to hire for our island hopping. We were able to find one and agreed to meet early morning the next day. Our itinerary includes dolphin watching, though you really have to wait for them to show up. It’s fun because it’s like chasing them. There’s a lot of group of tourist that morning, mostly Koreans, someone will shout “ayun oh” and all the boats will go to that area and that will cause dolphins  to hide or run away. Most of them were shy-typed. 🙂 But it was fun, we just took pictures in every corner of our boat while waiting for them to show up. 

...and we sail...


a glimpse of dolphins

Snorkeling in Balicasag Island. From our “big” boat we have to transfer to a “small” boat. Big boats are not allowed in the fish sanctuary area. Nice snorkeling spot. We also had lunch there through “paluto”, a bit pricey but food were good. We just consider how they transported their supplies there. 

lunch in Balicasag Island

on our way to Virgin Island

Virgin Island Panglao, Bohol

Sand Bar

Dive in:

Dive Spots

When we got from our island hopping we checked BPI ATM machine near our hotel to withdraw. It’s pay day! We’re so lucky its offline!!! lol. We don’t have any money anymore since we already paid our accommodation. It’s almost 5pm that time. We asked locals if there’s any other ATM machine in the area. They said just in the city. Problem was there ‘s only scheduled jeepney trips from Panglao to the City vice versa. We were to advised to just hire a single motorcycle. They call it habal-habal. We got it for 200PHP. Since we’re in the city we dropped by at BQ mall to buy souvenir items. On our way home rain poured so we stopped for a while when it didn’t stop again just like in Chocolate Hills we brave the rain since it’s already dark. 


We're able to experience Bohol's habal-habal!

There had been a continuous comparison between Panglao and Boracay. I can’t comment on that for now since I’ve never been to Boracay, will be there this July. Was able to book a promo fare. 🙂  But one thing for sure, I love the serenity of this place and the friendly and accommodating people as well. There’s night life here but it’s more tamed. I would love to go back here with my family and probably be able to visit Mag-aso Falls and Danao Adventure Park.

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