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Day 4 – Last Day of Bohol-Cebu Trip

We woke up early since there’s six of us who’ll take turn in taking a bath. We’ll be off Crown Regency for the Sky Walk. That’s the only activity we have for the day then we’ll fly back to Manila. We checked out at the hotel then just left our things at the lobby. We hire a taxi to Crown Regency. Upon arrival we head to the reception. We ended up availing the 888 package. The package includes 4d theater, buffet lunch in Wang Shan Lo Restaurant, body massage at Prana Medispa and skywalk. We avail the inclusion of the package in that same order. 

inside the 4d theatre

I’m aware and already tried watching 3d films. This was my first time to experience a 4d film. Had fun, kaaliw. 😀 In Wikipedia 4-D film (sometimes written as 4D film) is a marketing term that describes an entertainment presentation system combining a 3-D film with physical effects in the theatre, which occur in synchronization with the film. Because the physical effects are expensive to set up, 4-D films are usually presented only at special venues such as theme parks and amusement parks. 

Wang Shan Lo Restaurant

Wang Shan Lo is located at the 20th floor of Club Ultima in Cebu. As the name connotes Wang Shan Lo offers chinese cuisine. Try their lunch buffet for (450PHP), eat all you can, available from Monday to Saturday from 11:00AM-2:30PM. 

Since ours is under a package we’re able to enjoy this great deal. We’re one of the firsts to arrive so the place is really not crowded. Food was great. More than 50 dishes to choose from. From veggies to seafood and meat with different array of desserts, who won’t feast on that. 

At the balcony of Wang Shan Lo goofing around after the sumptuous meal. 

We rest for a while then went to Prana Medi-Spa at the 10th floor of the Crown Regency. We’re supposed to have this first before the buffet lunch but the Spa is open on a certain time and since we don’t have much time we interchanged these two. Prana means life and energy in harmony. Under the package we avail we’re able to experience their traditional massage service. For more information on the services they offer click this link: Prana Medi-Spa. 

Ride Pass to Skywalk

You have an option to avail either Sky Walk or Edge Coaster. We don’t have that brave heart so we opt to choose skywalk for now. When we return maybe we’ll try their edge coaster, we only have limited budget as well to try that. Since this entry is long over due (our Bohol-Cebu trip happened July2010) I believe they’re now offering various sky experience. They now have the tower zip (allows you to leave a building 473 feet in the air from the 2nd floor of the Sky Extreme Adventure and land on the roof of a different building 250 feet away), paramount vertigo wall (will make you feel as if you were climbing on a mountain, wind blowing by as you climb with a one of a kind view of Cebu all around), sky lift (a ride from base of the Sky Extreme Adventure, 461 feet from the ground) and dimension (a one of a kind sky disco café poised some 485 feet above the ground on the 3rd floor of the Sky Extreme Adventure). See Sky City Adventure for more details.

Photos taken by our guide. 

All geared up 🙂

Platform is at the 37th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel, above on the 38th floor is Edge Coaster. Sky Walk Extreme lets you walk around the ledge of the building. I felt a little fear when we stepped in on the ledge but as we walked and through encouraging words of our guide you’ll fell safe. So my fear was eventually replaced with excitement. How I wish we’re allowed to bring our cameras so we can take pictures of the magnificent view of the Cebu.

fun experience

 Sky Walk Extreme is definitely safe. Walk around the building was less than 15 minutes. We’d love to try this at night. View would be great with the city lights. 

Sky Experience Schedules:

Weekdays: 2 pm to 12 am
Saturday: 10 am to 2 am
Sunday: 10 am to 12 am

After the Sky Walk experience we hurriedly went back to the hotel to pick our things. We only have little time left before our flight. We’re able to experience traffic in Cebu. But still bearable compared to traffic in Manila. There’s a parade going on so our driver took another route. Gladly we’re able to arrive before the cut off. After we checked in our luggages we bought something to eat. After few minutes they announced that our flight we’ll be delayed due to bad weather in Manila. We settled in one place and waited for announcements. 

When our flight left you can still feel the gloomy weather. It’s a good thing we arrived safe but our luggage were wet. Hmm how come Cebu Pacific.

I would love to go back to Cebu. Wasn’t able to explore much. But I’m glad I had a taste of what Cebu can offer.

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