Bicolandia (DIY) – Day 1

Me and my travel buddy Gracie were invited to join another team’s outing. Lakwatsera as we are, we easily said YES. Didn’t thought of how much the budget will be. Haha. We have an officemate, Bing, who lives in Bicol so we’ll be staying in their house. It was an 8 hour drive. We left Makati 8:30pm . We hired a van for the trip for everyone’s  convenience. We slept most of the duration of the trip. We just woke up when we passed the road called “bituka ng manok” in Quezon. It’s a zigzag road hence the term bituka ng manok. No lighting, many blind spots. On the road there are people with their flashlights guiding the travelers. The route we took was a shortcut, you don’t have to go through Daet. Buses and trucks are not allowed to pass here, only light vehicles just like in Baguio. We had one stop over and that’s at Lolo Ompong’s Bulalo House in Quezon. Of course we had Bulalo here. 🙂 We arrived at Bing’s place in Partido Barrio Manzana around 5am. We settled our things and sleep. We woke up 7am. Get ready, we took a bath by twos to save time, had breakfast prepared by Bing’s mom. Her parents are very hospitable and accommodating. They were very helpful for this trip. They find time to accompany us in some places. 

Bing's crib

We had a hard time figuring out where to go first. We have lots of places we want to visit but so little time.  We all decided to head first to Mount Isarog. It is Bicol Region’s second highest mountain and the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon, it is potentially active stratovolcano located in the province of Camarines Sur, Island of Luzon, Philippines. Here you can find the Mount Isarog National Park. It was declared as a national park since 1938.  Mount Isarog has numerous water falls. Among them are Malabsay Falls which is known for having the largest catchbasin, Tumaguitti Falls, Kawa-kawa Falls and Nabuntulan FallsThere is a park fee of 5 pesos. There are handrails and steps on the trail but still be careful when going down.

Our group 🙂

Bulalakaw Falls

The lagoon “mini falls” had created. Bing’s dad told us that water falls weakly, affected by El Niño (this trip by the way was April 2010).

          Water is as cold as ice. Didn’t bother to soak myself but my friends did. 😀

While trekking photo shoot on the side

Tumaguitti Falls

Tumaguitti Falls is known for its like rain drops water fall. We’re not able to see the real beauty of the falls. There’s so little water coming down the falls, again due to El Niño. Water had dried up. It was such a disappointment nevertheless we still enjoyed the view with the vast forest, floras and faunas.

Weak water coming out didn't stop us to enjoy the falls

We went to Deer Farm in M. Ocampo after. On our way down we saw this amazing view. Cam whore as we all are, we went out from our van to have this shot taken. 😀

T’was my second time to see deers, First time was in Baluarte. But here was more upclose and personal. Haha. 

Deer Farm

Deer Farm

You’re allowed to mingle with them. Such a cute and (some) naughty deers they have here. 

After Deer Farmwe went to Naga to fetch our officemate at the Naga Airport in Pili. He has back problem so can’t tolerate long road travel so he pot to travel by air. 😀 Since it’s almost lunch time we decided to have lunch. We had lunch at Bigg’s. It’s an american chain. It’s like Jollibee in Bicol. Famous for its cheeseburger steak. Saw a lot of this food chain in Bicol. 

Bigg's Naga (photo from my phone)

Due to limited time we head home to pick our things, we need to be in Aguirangan Island before sunset. Upon arrival in Sabang Port in San Jose Camarines Sur, Bing’s dad went to the wet market just in the area. He bought fresh fish, even bought malasagui (blue marlin) and other stuff we’ll be needing in the island.

 *TRIVIA: Every year during the last week of April Sabang hosts the “Malasagui Festival” (Blue Marlin) which plays host  to fishing competitions involving fastest and biggest catch. The Blue Marlin has been known to grow as big as 600Kgs! 

at Sabang Port

Sabang Port is also the port where boats going to Caramoan departs. Bing’s dad is the one who negotiated on the boat we rented. Can’t remember how much but we got it on a discounted rate since they knew the owner of the boat. Never heard of Aguirangan Island before until that day. Actually to be honest never thought that Bicol has a lot of gems until this trip. They do have a lot to offer and one of the best travel destinations to visit. Aguirangan Island is about 30-minute boat ride from Sabang Port. It’s a small island about one and a half hectares and does not offer accommodation. We brought a tent with us since we plan to stay overnight. 

Aguirangan Island

We arrived in the island almost sunset. We settle our things and set up our tents while watching the scenic view of the area. We had dinner after.


night swimming 😀

We had the island for ourselves. No other tourist. We weren’t able to roam around since it’s already dark, we ended up swimming. We enjoyed the water since its not cold. 


So good to wake up seeing sun rising promising a brand new beautiful day.

back drop is Mayon Volcano partly hidden by clouds

We woke up early. Have to leave the island, we’ll have a jam-packed day. We quickly scanned the place, took some pictures then hesitantly left. We didn’t enjoy much of the island due to limited time but still glad we had a taste of Aguirangan Island. 🙂

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  1. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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