Anawangin Cove

The trip happened last March of 2010. This was to celebrate also my friend’s birthday. She’s from Zambales so she suggested Anawangin Cove then side trip to Capones Island. It will be my first time in Anawangin Cove but I’ve been to Capones way back April 2006. I was with my officemates on my first work. Anawangin has been by far one of the most popular destinations due to its close distance from Manila and way cheaper than other beach destinations. Sand here has a mixture of white sand and volcanic ash from Mt. Pinatubo’s last eruption. 

Anawangin Cove is in San Antonio Zambales. We hired two vans since our number exceed the limit of one car. We all met in Makati and left 3:30AM. We took the easy route via SCTEX so it only took us around 4 hours to reach San Antonio. We only had one stop over, to gas up in one of the gasoline stations in NLEX. 

stop over in NLEX

Upon arrival we went to the San Antonio Public market we bought food supplies and other necessities for the overnight stay. San Antonio is just 15 min drive from Pundaquit (Pundakit). It’s the jump off point to Anawangin Cove and nearby beaches. We already arranged our boats so upon arrival in Pundaquit we just bought mineral water and left. Vans were parked in our boatmen’s house. We hired two boats since again one can’t accommodate all of us. It’s just 30-45 minute boat ride to reach the cove. 

Anawangin Cove

Upon seeing Anawangin Cove’s facade one of my friends said, “Ganda, parang sa Marlboro commercial lang”. It made me smile because I had the same thought upon seeing it.  Pine tree-like trees will greet you. They’re the agoho tree. Best time to go here are months of January and February since the place is not that crowded and the weather is not that humid. 

We excitedly jumped off the boat, looked for a place to sep up our tent. The place was already crowded when we arrived. There’s an entrance fee of 50php.

While we set up tents some sorted out our food. And that’s the time we noticed we forgot our kitchen utensils. We’re just like soldiers on a battle without shields. That’s just so great. We borrowed some from the caretaker but not all were provided. Another problem was we ran out of butane gas. We didn’t anticipated that it will took 4 hours for us to cook rice and our pork-chicken adobo was even longer.  In terms of food we all are a failure. 

we were able to borrow this

master chefs 🙂

Barbecues and hotdogs saved our lunch. No rice. Our sympathy for the boys. Haha. 

We scout the area. Took picture here and there. Even slippery rocks and cliffs didn’t stop us from posing to the camera hence the BBMA term originated. BBMA stands for Buwis Buhay Modeling Agency. That’s our group since we’re all are cam whores. 😀

water dried up

Lake was almost dry but that didn’t stop us from appreciating the place. After two weeks another group from our office went here, saw from their pictures that there’s already a bridge built in the lake.


Thanks to Chase who we didn’t know brought a lot of canned goods. That explain his heavy bag. That served as dinner and some left-over hotdogs for all of us.

dinner, no rice for a day!

After our not so fulfilling meal (because there’s no rice), we went near the shore. We all lay down there looking at the sky. Its a good feeling just laying there having a good laugh with your friends. 

We all woke up early the next morning. After breakfast, eating what’s left on Chase’s canned goods we packed our things and readied ourselves for another boat ride. A side trip to Capones Island! 

Last shot before leaving. Good morning Anawangin Cove and goodbye. Till we meet again. When I come back will try the other route, trekking. It’ll be equally fun for sure.

Bits of Info:

  • From Manila take a Victory Liner bus to Iba and then to San Antonio
  • Anawangin Cove is in San Antonio, Zambales
  • Tricycles to Pundaquit is P30 per person with a 15-minute travel time
  • 30-45 minute boat ride to the cove
  • Boats can be hired from P1500-2000 round trip
  • No accommodation so bring tents if you plan to stay overnight 
* Pictures compiled from my camera, Sol Fisher and John Erauda. Thanks guys. 

4 comments on “Anawangin Cove


    >>>>P1200/head minimum of 12pax and above..
    >>>>> P1300/head minimum of 10-11pax
    >>>>>P1500/head minimum of 8-9pax
    *Roundtrip AIRCON Van transfer all in
    *boat tour anawangin, capones camara island OR/ snorkeling
    *2 days 1 night stay in anawangin-entrance fee-
    *gogles for snorkeling-cooking utensils
    *cooler na with ice pa
    *Mineral water(2container)
    *Bonfire woods 1seT
    *KITCHEN UTENSILS(kaldero, kaserola etc)

    We also offers boat package only for those commuters or with their own vehicle…

    Package B Rates
    P 500 per head for 10 pax above
    P 550 per head for 8 -9pax
    P650 per head for 6-7pax
    P550 per head for 5 pax
    Inclusions:(Pick up point: Town proper of San Antonio, Zambales)
    *Boat ride to Anawangin (round trip)
    *Island hopping (Capones / Camara Island)
    *Entrance fee / Environmental fee
    *cooking utensils (ihawan, kaldero,kutsilyo,pitsel,etc)
    *cooler WITH ICE pA..

    Additional 400 per head for food (4meals)MIN OF 8PAX
    FOR MORE INFO look for ALAN ARLANTICO: Smart: 09185595597 or 09399398456TM: 09358118095 Sun: 09223753555 please TExt or call for immediate response..

  2. how bout for 4-6pax, how much will it cost? need ur feedback asap. thanks…

  3. how bout for 4-6pax, how much will it cost? need ur feedback asap. thanks…

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