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Capones Island 2nd time around

We left Anawangin Cove early for this side trip in Capones Island. The island is another beach destination in San Antonio. It’s just a good 15-20 min boat ride from Anawangin. This is my second trip to Capones, the first one was April 2006. Back then I’m able to visit the lighthouse. 

Capones Island

Back to 2010. We requested our boatmen to drop us off where it will be most convenient to hike to the lighthouse. Well they didn’t listen and they brought us where the nice swimming spot is instead. If I remember it right the trek to lighthouse is on the other side of the island. We didn’t insist in visiting the lighthouse because we figure we might not get back in time. We just enjoyed the white sand, crystal clear blue water and the the scenic view that surrounds us. 

There’s no shade on this side of the island so we pinch one of the tents we have for our things and for ourselves as well. 

And the photoshoot began…. 😀


I really love this picture with the mountains and crystal blue water as backgorund. 

After hours of kulitan, photoshoot here and there, one of the boats arrived. The first group left. Now there’s only few of us who remained in the island. We decided to explore and walked on the area where the big stone were. Hoping that we’ll be able to find the cave I saw the first time I went here. 

We found none so we got back to our tent and waited for the boat to fetch us. We took a bath on our boatman’s house. They’re kind enough to allow us to dress in one of their rooms even charge our batteries of our cameras and cellphones. 

The two day trip we had was really an unforgettable experience. It sure is a breath of fresh air away from our busy and sometimes toxic life in Manila. Looking forward for more trips like this. 😀

**Photo Credits: Mine, Sol Fisher and John Erauda 🙂

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