Quezon: Our Accommodation, The Tamarind Tree Resort

We searched for a place to stay and the only one coming up is the Tamarind Tree Resort. If we had known about Villa Anita we might consider it as well. Maybe our expenses will turn out cheaper. 🙂

Located in Padre Burgos in Quezon, the Tamarind Tree Resort offers native style type accommodation. Rooms classified as hill top, beachside, beachside (aircon). We were able to get the hill top fan room since the cheapest accommodation we can get. We overlooked the rate we saw online. We thought its 800php per room. When we arrived at the resort its per person. The cash money we have were just enough for food, accommodation and boat rental. Staff provides mosquito net in rooms. For food, it covered dinner, breakfast and lunch. We paid 3692php for the two of us. After we checked out the following day we have to go to SM Lucena to withdraw. That’s the only place with an ATM Machine. 

hilltop fan room, good for 2-4 pax

beachside room, 4-6 pax

The resort is oceanfront. There’s a huge tamarind tree near the pool. We had the resort for ourselves. Were the only one there. It’s quiet at night and you can only hear sounds of crickets, geckos and frogs. Typical province at night. There’s a 24-hour security guard so you’ll feel safe even if deafening silence almost kills us. Nothing much to do in the area at night. 

The Tamarind Tree

under the tamarind tree

We arrived at the resort almost lunch time since we’re walked in guest they don’t have food to serve us. We walked to Padre Burgos town proper and had lunch at one of their local carinderia. For the less than a 100php we had lunch for both of us. 

off to town proper for lunch

Back at the resort they served a hefty serving of food. We love their set meal. It’s always with dessert or fruits. No drinks though. You have to order separately. Even coffee. Here are pictures of our meals. Not able to take a picture of our dinner though. 



The resort also has its own outdoor pool. We tried swimming at night after island hopping but the sound of frogs and geckos plus the silent night made us backed out. We enjoyed the pool the next day.

outdoor pool

Staff at the resort are hospitable. They were all nice. Especially Kuya Peng who always checked with us. He almost jumped in to the pool when he thought Grace is drowning. 😀 If you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay that provides all your needs I would suggest this place. 


  • the resort offers island hopping
  • 2 islands worth 1200, inclusive of life vest
  • alcohol and food not allowed
  • room charges are per person not per room
  • you can make reservation prior to your arrival date, payment through bank deposit
  • it’s a non-smoking resort
Contact Info:

Blaigen Ventures, Inc.
Telephone: (02) 846-9280
Fax: (02) 807-9904
0915-2566366 (Globe)
0921-8383745 (Smart)

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM
website: www.thetamarindtreeresort.com

You may also contact Kuya Peng, Manager/Caretaker of the resort: 0909-6420881

3 comments on “Quezon: Our Accommodation, The Tamarind Tree Resort

  1. hi, the resort seems amazing..im planning to go there on my vacation.. just want to know y it became 3k plus for the 2 of you?..tnx..

    • hi ken. tnx for dropping by. actually its almost 2,500. its a bit high coz there’s only two of us sharing, like the boat rental/island hopping. if there’s 3 to 5 pax sharing the expenses it will turn out cheaper. breakdown of expenses can be found on my re-discovering quezon entry. 😀

  2. Meron po b ka kau room for overnyt tatlo po kme,howmuch

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