Quezon: Dampalitan Beach

long stretched shore

Part of the two-island tour we were able to get, we went to Dampalitan Beach after Borawan, also in Padre Burgos, Quezon. Its less than 15-min drive from Borawan. 

Upon seeing the island it reminded me of Anawangin Cove. Pine-tree like, called Agoho, will welcome you. Exactly the same in Anawangin. It’s equally beautiful as Borawan but it is bigger and has longer and wider shore. 

Dampalitan has cottages and accommodate overnight campers. Just like in Anawangin, no electricity but there’s decent toilet. There’s a minimal fee of 35php.

There’s only few we saw who just arrived and trying to set up their tents. I told Grace it will come out cheaper if we just brought our own tent and spend the night here. But it will be hassle for both of us to bring tent and cook meal there. Plus were two girls so it’s really not advisable to spend the night there. 


We plan to swim here but upon arrival its low tide, crap. We just walk around. Went to the other side where its low tide. 

background mangroves

lowww tide

Since we’re not able to swim we pretended we have our own photo-booth since no one is around to take our pictures. 😀 We really enjoyed goofing around. It’s just me. Grace and my tripod. 

We went back to the resort before sunset. Upon arrival we went directly to the resorts outdoor pool since were not able to swim on the two islands. But we left after 30 minutes. We saw a frog jumped and swam on the pool. Perhaps he wants to join us. Lol. So many happened on that day. Mishaps, bloopers. Unforgettable experience that I’ll forever cherish. 🙂

6 comments on “Quezon: Dampalitan Beach

  1. Hi Zayza, thank your for dropping by my site, kamusta na ang Borawan at Dampalitan? Marami na ba pagbabago?

    • Hi Claire, so happy to see my link on your blog. I always browse yours. Prng wala nmn nagbago. Same p rin the last time n nagpunta k based on the pics on ur blog. If I’m able to read ur blog prior our stay there we should have stayed in Villa Anita. 😀

  2. Hi xy! 🙂 ang ganda naman ng kasama mo dyan! haha char!
    ni-link na kita sa post ko. kaso hilo pa din ako sa tumbr.

    • friend, iniba ko na URL ko. ang haba kasi eh!
      nakakahilo din pala mag post sa tumblr. di ko tuloy natuloy yung entry ko sa quezon ni-link ko nlng website mo. 🙂 (misskickout.tumblr.com)

      • ah ok ky pala pag-click ko ung site ko ung nakita ko. haha. sabi m kc click pix for more photos. wats with the word kickout? haha. gnda ng theme infernes. i love it. go blog blog blog. na-link n kita sa akin.

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