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Planning a Summer Getaway with my Childhood Friends

After being awed by Borawan and Dampalitan, I promised myself to try to go to the beaches in Quezon first. Will try to explore what’s near me.

Its summertime so me and my childhood friends were planning a getaway this summer. Come to think of it we’ve never tried that before. We always just hang out in one of our friend’s house. That’s how we usually bond especially now we’re all working, being most of us in Manila. But this time since Bryan, our successful engineer friend, will be coming home from Singapore we decided to go to beach for a change. My lakwatsera friend, Shy, suggested Cagbalete. I was thinking of that too or Calaguas. But Calaguas needs more planning and budget. So I immediately agreed on Shy’s suggestion. Now the problem was how to convince others. Some suggested Pansol since its close to Rizal and less hassle in terms of planning. Also they can bring their kids. We still liked the idea of a beach getaway because its a “minsan lang event”. Pansol is just there, we can go anytime, whenever we want, even on rainy days. Beaches are best to go to during summer.



Cagbalete Island

Different points and arguments were stated. All were noted. 😀 We live in a democratic country so we decided to have a votation. Pansol vs. Cagbalete. Cagbalete won. So beach it is. 😀


Can’t believe I’m almost done backtracking my travels last year. 3 more post and I’m done. I should start now on Cagbalete before watching Temptation Island with Manay Jet. Will soon be blogging current. Yay!


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