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Cagbalete Island Accommodation – MVT Sto. Nino

There are three accommodations available in Cagbalete Island, Pansacola Beach Resort, there’s Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Nino. Among the three, Pansacola is the one offering great beachfront whatever the tide is.

Villa Cleofas is offering numerous type of accommodation from nipa hut to wooden lofts.

MVT Sto. Nino, where we stayed at. It’s not beachfront though. You have to walk to get to the beach. Like Villa Cleofas they offer rooms (aircon and fan rooms) and open cottages. There’s also a place where you can pinch tents. The resort offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It’s being hidden by the mangroves.

open cottage

You may camp if you like with a minimal fee.

Nipa Hut (1000php)

Rooms on the second level (aircon and non aircon)

Aircon rooms: 2500php

Fan rooms: 1500php

All rooms for accommodation are upstairs. Downstairs is a large mess hall, kitchen and store.

Corridor upstairs

Volleyball is one of the activities you can do here.

There’s electricity but only available on a certain time. If I’m not mistaken it’s available from 6pm till 6am.

Things to do:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Hiking
  • Snorkeling (bring your own gear)
  • Bird watching
  • Horseback riding
  • Beach hopping
  • Walk to the nearby Bonsai Island

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