Cagbalete Island: Beachin with Savage

Mauban Church

in front of Mauban's municipal hall

We left Rizal 6:30 in the morning. We arrived in Mauban market 9:00am. Its less than 2.5 hours travel from our hometown. Two of the boys left to buy things we’ll be needing. Weird right? Its supposed to be girls who’ll be doing that but they didn’t allow us to go down our van. Gentlemen indeed. 😀 There’s only one ATM machine in that area. Landbank near the market. We went there and waited for Mark and Phen’s return. 

we've been friends since prep

After buying our supplies we went to Shy’s relative. We’ll be cooking our rice and prepare our marinated pork. We’ll make a barbecue. We charged our batteries as well.

house of Shy's relative

off to sadsaran


Sadsaran is the jump off point to Cabalete Island. Cagbalete is located off the coastal town of Mauban in Quezon province. It’s another unspoiled white sand beach in Quezon province. And also known for its changing tide. During low tide, the waters can move as far back as 1 kilometer, leaving the shore dry and exposing all the rocks and corals that may be underneath. The low tide-high tide cycle occurs twice in a day, so if there is low tide during lunch time, high tide will come late in the afternoon, and the next low tide will occur at midnight, all depending on the season.

We hired a boat to get there but there’s also passenger boats available to Cagbalete Island stationed at the port just a short walk after you get off the bus to Mauban. Trips shceduled 10:00am and 4:00pm daily. A fee of 40-50php per person. They drop off passengers to the south eastern part of the island where Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Nino are located.

ready to leave

Its an hour and 15mins boat ride from sadsaran to the island. We were accompanied by one of Shy’s distant relative and his “kumpare“. They want to be sure were safe since most of us were girls. Its a long travel for me I’m used to 15-30 minutes boat ride. Max of 45 minutes. I can’t wait to step my feet on the ground. Were not wearing any life vest so I’m a bit worried. So imagine my smile when we had a glimpse of the island.

Yay, were getting near!

...and nearer

We were first brought to Pansacola Beach Resort. We’ve checked online and also called the resort before our arrival so we knew they’re already sold out but we still checked with them. There’s one available that they can arranged for us but its a make shift. We won’t be able to sleep well. We can hire a tent but that’s least of our option. Staying overnight was not our original plan. It’s supposed to be a just a day trip to the island  but since were not able to leave Mauban on time we decided to stay overnight. It’s a good thing our driver don’t have any commitment the following day.

Pansacola Beach Resort

There are three accommodations available in Cagbalete Island, aside from Pansacola Beach Resort, there’s Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Nino.

Behind the mangroves is MVT Sto. Nino

Villa Cleofas was sold out. MVT Sto. Nino still has rooms available, yay we now have a place to stay for a night. We got off the boat and brought our things. We got one nipa hut and one fan room. There’s also aircon rooms available but its out of our budget so we didn’t get that.

The Lunch!

salted egg is love 😀


our lunch, rice+barbecue+salted egg

heading to the beach

The Lake

Where the lake and sea water meets.

I love the sky here.

Going solo.

My hunky engineer friend.  Currently single. PM me if you want a date with him. Haha. Peace  Bry. 😀

The lake and the sea. Nice.


We’re supposed walk to the area near Villa Cleofas to explore but lazy as we are we went back to our hut after a series of tiring jump shots.

After dinner we rest for a while then played beach volley. 🙂 We reminisce our elementary days when we used to play this.

Captain Bryan

We had some shots then we call it a night. Have to leave early tomorrow. We don’t want to be caught on “pahiyas” traffic. Its Pahiyas Festival tomorrow.


Time to leave.

Its low tide so our boat can’t get near we have to walk. Its a bit of a struggle, trying to balance ourselves due to wind and rocks.


Almost there 😀

Me and Shy

We’re a bit hesitant leaving but we have other commitments to attend to. We also promised our driver to return early morning. We have to get rid of the pahiyas traffic. There’s so much to do here. Just make your itinerary prior to the arrival (unlike us, lol). Though we don’t have enough time to prepare for the trip I still enjoyed it. With the beauty of the island, serene atmosphere and childhood friends as your company nothing can’t spoil the fun. Forever good vibes. 😀

3 comments on “Cagbalete Island: Beachin with Savage

  1. sayang wala ako nung umalis kau. nxtym. 😀

  2. Where exactly is the lake in Cagbalete island? I asked around when we went there last weekend but the locals told me there’s no lake there.

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