Singapore – Charge it to Experience

My Singapore-Malaysia trip happened last March 30th till April 3rd. This will be the most memorable trip so far, not because of the experience, places I’ve visited and new-found friends I gained, well that was given, I really enjoyed their company, but because of the nerve-racking experience I’ve gone through at the airport.

From the start I knew that our flight leaves at 10pm on the 30th of March. I’m not the one who booked it. My friend Shy did. I only asked to have a copy of it a day of our flight to print it. But I didn’t bother checking  the details. I left home 7pm. I calculated my time so I’ll be at the airport just in time. 2 hours before our flight leaves. I texted my friend when I arrived at the airport to accompany me to check in my luggage. To our surprise we just found out that our flight leaves at 8:30pm. In short I’m not allowed to check-in. We’re both shaking and literal na namutla kme. We pleaded to the lady, me almost crying (glad I didn’t), she just said no without any slightest  sympathy on her face. She even dialogued to Shy warning her about her flight leaving in few minutes. She’s able to check in since she came all the way from our province. She arrived earlier than me. I was advised to rebook my flight that is if there’s still seats available on the next flight going to SG. Shy not wanting to leave me called her friends to tell about me. They’ll be on the next flight. If there are still seats available I’ll be flying with them.

I’m still shaking at the counter, so many things running on my mind. Good thing the guy was very accommodating. I asked him to find me the cheapest airfare available either tonight or early morning tomorrow. The cheapest he found was nine thousand. Almost triple of my original airfare. Pinikitan ko na lang. After I paid for it, the guy accompanied me to check in and I asked him instruction where to go next.  This will be my first travel outside the Philippines. What an experience for a first timer. Tsk. Good thing I didn’t encounter any problem at the immigration. I’m a bit nervous on this part because of the experience my friend Grace had when she was almost denied to enter HK. She’s been held at the immigration office and was questioned. Funny I’m able to meet Shy’s friends without her. They’re nice and cam whore like me. Haha. We took pictures before we proceed to the immigation officer (this is in Changi Airport already) but we’re asked by the lady guard to erase all those pictures. 😀 Another unforgettable experience. Shy waited for me at the Changi Airport.

No one’s to blame on this. I learned a lot from my experience. I’m just a bit paranoid everytime I book flights and about to leave. I triple checked (not just double, lol) flight details always. Don’t want to happen this again. Well sabi nga nila, charge it to experience na lang. Indeed lessons learned.

2 comments on “Singapore – Charge it to Experience

  1. OMG! Teary eyed ako. Namimiss ko ang trip natin! Ulitin natin! 😛

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