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Day 2 – Exploring SG with our feet

Day 2 in SG is literally dedicated to walking. We were told that there’s a small IT show in Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre so we went there first. Their annual “big event” expo show is during February. We rode MRT to get here and went down on Expo station. One station away from the Changi Airport. Half of our day were spent here. Rons and Shy bought a lot of shoes and bags on sale. Business minded as they are they plan to sell some back home. Then after I’ll be meeting my former co-worker, who works now in SG, in Marina Square to give the Myra-E vitamins she asked me to buy. We didn’t know that Marina Square and Marina Bay are two different locations. We found out that we’re on the wrong place. We went to Marina Bay instead of Marina Square. We approach two Filipino women to ask if we can call our friend. Without hesitation they lent their phone. This happen thrice already. First two were in Expo.

Since were already in Marina Bay where Marina bay Sands Hotel is we took advantage of the scenery and took some pictures. We decided to walk instead of riding a cab to Marina Square. We called Bryan to tell him that we”ll meet there instead.

We’ll be walking there to the Esplanade area to meet our friends. Walkathon again.

Don’t know the idea behind building The Merlion Hotel. There’s a statue of merlion inside. 

Almost there. Hello Esplanade. 🙂

Esplanade (theatre by the bay) is the newest performance arts and venue in SG. Inside there’s a mall, restaurant/food outlets and library.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

One can get access to the Sands Skypark Public Observation Deck with a fee of 20 SGD for adults and  14 SGD for kids. Seniors are 17 SGD. Here you can get a good view of Singapore. We’re supposed to go here on our 2nd day but due to lack of time (non-stop walking) we’re not able to.

Makansutra – Gluttons Bay, Celebrating the best of Asian food, culture and lifestyle. Haven for Filipinos. Saw a lot of Filipinos here, hanging out, dining, chit-chatting.

Reunited with Cath and Me-an. My former officemates. They now both work in a hotel in SG.

Bay Side

Inside the Esplanade

Singapore Flyer from afar

Marina Bay Sands at night during their light show

Walkalator. Gives our tired feet a rest (even just for a while). 

Tried SG’s 1 SGD ice cream. 2 SGD if with a bun.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is on the Singapore Riverside Planning Area and now known as a hub of Singaporean nightclubs and restaurants. G-Max, the reverse bungee is here.


We were across Clarke Quay, sitting near the riverbanks, resting our feet. Watching the colorful and lively Clarke Quay and in awe if people trying G-max. I don’t think I can handle the adrenaline rush. We were able to get through to Novotel Hotel’s wifi. 🙂

CREDITS: I didn’t bring by DSLR because I knew Shy will bring hers. All pictures on this trip were from her.

This is part of the 4 day tour I had in Singapore and Malaysia

Day 1: Universal Studios, Sentosa and Clarke Quay

Day 3: A Quick Glimpse of Orchard Road

Day 4: A Day in KL

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