A Day in KL

We have so many places to go to but again limited time. So we really have to plan what to do for the one day we’ll spend in Malaysia. Yes, just ONE day. As much as we want to spend more time here our VL credits won’t let us. 🙂 First on our list of course is the famous Petronas Tower Skybridge. Then Genting Highlands, Batu Caves, KL Tower and Titiwangsa Park (yes it’s a must) where John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonso shot their movie Miss You Like Crazy. We just found out the name of the park through our taxi driver, Anga. We asked for the names of  parks in Kuala Lumpur. Funny because it’s like Pinoy Henyo. We give descriptions (clues) then he guesses. Guessing game.

We availed the hotel’s free shuttle to the city and went to Suria KLCC. We will check on the Petronas Tower Skyridge.

Still fresh. Later haggard again. Water a must.

Lining up for the Skybridge tickets

Our itinerary was not followed. Found out there’s a schedule on the Twin Tower Skybridge visit. There’s also cut-off time in availing the tix. If you plan to go here in the morning best to purchase ticket a day before or line up early morning. But issuance of tix starts 9:00 am daily except Mondays. Getting tickets for Skybridge is not very easy due to long line. We’re just lucky since we arrive a bit early we still manage to get the 4:20 pm time. Our ticket costs 10MYR. We only availed package 1 which is the Skybridge visit only. Other package includes visit to observation deck and meal. Bryan, She and her friend got the earlier time since they have to go back to Singapore. All three of them are Singapore based.

After securing Skyridge tix we asked around what’s the best way to go to Genting Highlands. We missed the 10:00 am bus to Genting. Book everything in advance is the best advise I can give. Availing tickets and services aren’t easy and easily sold out especially on weekends. We were advised to take a cab instead since we’re again time pressured. We have to go back before 4:00 pm for the Skybridge visit.

We went back to the mall and had an early lunch at the foodcourt. There’s a wide selection of food at the foodcourt and price were reasonable. We’ll be needing a lot of energy for yet another “Amazing Race” tour. 😀

Went down afterlunch from the foodcourt for this. There will a dry run race (not sure of the term though) by 1:00 pm. Actual race will be tomorrow. We won’t be able to watch later since will be off to Genting by that time.

Background, KLCC park

Another group picture. A Filipino but born and raised in Malaysia took our group shot. We asked help from him a while ago. He was looking for us because he was able to get us a taxi who’ll allow all five of us to Genting Highlands.

The three of them will go on separate way. Instead of Genting they’ll be going to Batu Caves, back to KLCC then Skybridge and then to Singapore. They have to catch the last bus ride back to SG. So like us they’re under time pressure.

Finally off to Genting Highlands.

It’s more than an hour drive from Suria KLCC. We were able to get it less than an hour since Anga, our driver, drove fast. We told him that we need  to be back by 4:00 pm. We didn’t notice the long drive because of the scenic views we passed by.

Aerial view of the park. Picture taken from backpackingmalaysia.com

Genting Highlands is the one on top of the mountain.

Genting Highlands, also known as Resort’s World Genting or Las Vegas-on a hill top is 2000 above sea level, about 50 km south-east of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia’s only Casino where one can gamble legally. There were theme parks, restaurants, resort, hotels, shopping outlets, etc.

Finally we’ve arrived. We only have three hours to spend here and will be back again to KLCC. Anga, our driver will wait for us. We didn’t get the Genting tickets because we figure it will be just a waste of money since we won’t be here for long. We content ourselves on the indoor theme park. We just walk around and took pictures. 🙂

Random pictures on the indoor theme park. 🙂

view of the indoor park from above

We’re in Causeway Bay Hongkong 🙂

PHILIPPINE? S is missing. Or maybe it’s singular not plural. Lol

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Hello Liberty. Hope to visit your Motherland someday.

Genting Sky Venture, indoor sky diving

We’re in Paris, France this time.

Gondola. Venice, Italy

Baskin Robins! Bought ice cream here. Delicioso. 😀

Backdrop: the First World Hotel. The largest hotel in the world with 6,200 rooms.

On our way back to KL, we asked Anga to pull over to have this shots.

Welcome Arch

…and also this jump shot.

Chin Swee Caves Temple Entrance

We’re just in time for Skybridge visit. We presented our tickets and we were given a yellow I.D. lace with a badge. We were ushered in a room where there’s a few minutes presentation of the company Petronas and the Twin Towers.

After watching we went to the elevator and travel very quickly, just seconds, to the 41st floor where the Skybridge is. Skybridge is 170 meters from the ground. You’re only allowed to stay for 10 minutes.

Number of floors of the building on the elevator.

Surprised to still see them here. Another reason for a group picture. They’re about to leave since their 10-minute time is almost over.

Me and Shy saying goodbye to Bryan. 🙂

Just the five of us again.

View from the Skybridge

Ten Tallest Towers in the World (Telecommunication Towers)

Turistas 😀

Inside KLCC. I just love the structure of the mall.

KLCC Park, nice view while seating in the park with the fountain seems like dancing.

Twin Towers as my backdrop. It’s getting dark already. 

On our way to Titiwangsa Park. I love the color of the sky. 

Titiwangsa Park

You can see from here the Twin Towers, Opera House and Kuala Lumpur Tower (partly hidden). This is where John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonso shot some scenes from their movie Miss You Like Crazy.

KL Tower

KL Tower is the 7th tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The upper area of the tower has a revolving restaurant offering diners panoramic view of the city. Not able to go here because we don’t have time.

Went back to KLCC’s foodcourt for dinner. Compute expenses there. Paid each other for the expenses we had on cabs and food.

Dinner time

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

(shot this using my phone)

Then went back to the hotel. It’s only me and Shy who’ll be leaving. The three of them will be back in Manila by tomorrow. They still have one night and a day to spend in KL.

Shot taken while we’re in a cab going to the airport. We got Anga again to take us to the airport. This time to  Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) where Cebu Pacific Operates. Free wifi here too. 😀

CREDITS: I didn’t bring by DSLR because I knew Shy will bring hers. All pictures on this trip were from her.

This is part of the 4 day tour I had in Singapore and Malaysia

Day 1: Universal Studios, Sentosa and Clarke Quay

Day 2: Exploring SG with our feet

Day 3: A Quick Glimpse of Orchard Road

6 comments on “A Day in KL

  1. It looks like you made the most out of your day in KL. (Ang dami nyong napuntahan :))

    • For 1 day, yes. Haha. Non stop walking and running yan. We’re always in a hurry. But still dami p din nmen d napuntahan. There’s so mch to do in KL. Sn nxt time mapuntahan and mas matagal. 🙂

  2. thanks for the reference friend!! mwah!!

  3. may bayad na pala sa petronas tower? i thought it’s free.i recommend baiyoke sa bangkok if makapunta kayo ng bangkok kasi dun you can go up to the 84th floor.nice photos!

    • Thanks Melvin. Yep may bayad siya. Never been to Bkk. I plan if not this year early nextyear since I have friends there. I’ll try that pag nagpunta ako. Thanks again. 🙂

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