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Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burger

I’ve been wanting to try the new hash brown burger of Jollibee eversince I saw it on tv. And was finally able to try it last Thursday.

After paying my bills I accompanied my friend Rj in Pacific Star in Makati Avenue. He got something from his aunt. He asked me where do I want to eat. I immediately told him Jollibee. So we went to Jollibee Makati Av branch which is just few blocks from the building. Gallant as he is he treated to this meal everyone is raving about.

I love the packaging. So neat and sosyalin. Plus its environmental friendly since its carton and not styrofoam.

Product description: Juicy Yum patty, sliced cheese and catsup sandwiched in two pieces of crispy hash browns.

I immediately ate it and surprised that the hash brown blended well on the burger patty and cheese. I so love the taste. No sawa factor. Not that greasy since it’s made with baked hash brown. A la carte order is 64php, with drinks it’s 80php. So affordable right.

So happy to know that Jollibee is offering this new product. They also now offer a separate product, baked hash brown, for the price of 28php. These products will now make me visit Jollibee more often. Thank’s Rj for the treat and I suggest you guys try it as well and tell me what you think. 😉

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