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La Carmela de Boracay – Our accommodation

Since my fiancé will be coming home after a year and a half of not seeing each other (he’s a seaman by the way), I planned a trip for us. I thought of Boracay since we’ve never been to the island before. 🙂 Very timely because Cebu Pacific had a seat sale. I just had a hard time choosing a date since we don’t know yet the exact date when will he be coming back. After securing our flight, I always check online for any promotion on Boracay accomodation. I was told by my officemate about Metrodeal. They always come up of great deals for Boracay accomodation for different hotels. Prior to booking the accommodation  I was also talking to some of my childhood friends to join our Boracay trip. I was able to convinced husband and wife Phen and Tzen. I booked their  flight but via Zest Air to Kalibo. Sale in Cebu Pacific is no longer available. They got their fare cheaper than us. 😀

Now to be more detailed on our accommodation. We were able to avail a promo voucher in Metrodeal. It’s 1,888 Php per voucher. We bought 3 vouchers. It’s inclusive of breakfast (just for 2) and supposedly airport pick up (but no shuttle showed up upon arrival at the airport). It’s through a travel agency, Ensemble. I didn’t get back with them with the shuttle coz I don’t want to ruin our trip. Moving on, the hotel was La Carmela de Boracay. Reviews about the  hotel I must say aren’t that impressive. I relied with my cousin and some officemates who told me it was ok since they also had stayed there before.

Hotel’s facility:

hotel’s façade from the street

This small pool at the front is being used for diving/snorkeling instructions.

still part of hotel’s front area, the one facing the street

front desk, where to check in

There’s a deposit of 2,000 php which is refundable upon check out. That is I guess for incidentals.

Hotel’s concierge. Since our flight arrived early, our room still not available. We left our luggage here and had our breakfast at the hotel. Hotel staff were friendly and accommodating.

Hotel’s lobby, where can guest wait or simply lounge. There’s a complimentary juice drink for newly arrived guest.

path to the restaurant, pool and beach

hotel’s façade, the one facing the beach

Ground floor of the building is their restaurant, where they serve buffet breakfast in the morning.

inside the restaurant

a minibar at the corner

There’s also tables and chairs set up near the pool area where they serve food, mostly ala carte.

You can eat near the pool.

Our room…

The room is just a standard room with two beds. Nothing fancy, which we don’t mind since most of the time we’ll be out. All four of us will share the room. Our room is at the back-end of the resort. There’s a balcony but no view at all. Just a dark corridor.

With basic amenities…


The hotel’s pool.

It’s open from 7am until 9pm. There’s no lifeguard so swim at your own risk. Lol. It’s not that deep anyway. There’s a jacuzzi on the side as well.

The usual breakfast served at the hotel. Not enough to fill you for a day’s activity, I bet especially for foreigners.

We have to buy another two sets of ala carte breakfast since the voucher we were able to get only includes breakfast for two. Additional ala carte breakfast cost 145 php and buffet breakfast 220 php per person.

Free wi-fi available at the hotel’s restaurant. Just asked for the password from any staff at the hotel.

In-room wireless broadband internet access also available at a charge:

Php 100 (24 hours validity) – 1 hour

Php 450 (48 hours validity) – 6 hours

Php 900 (72 hours validity) – 15 hours

Php 1000 (1 week validity) – Unlimited

Php 2000 (1 month validity) – Unlimited

La Carmela is on station 2. Not that bad in terms of location. It’s beachfront (though we still have to walk since our room is at the back-end of the resort). Pretty much close to everything. Not that far to D’ Mall and D’ Talipapa.  And we’re not keen in walking anyway. We don’t mind. For the price we paid I would still suggest La Carmela. I feel safe here and staff were very accommodating and helpful contrary to the reviews I have read. No bad experience at all.

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