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Pure bliss in Boracay – Day 1

Arrived at the airport an hour earlier before our flight. Paid the domestic terminal fee, 200php each and we were asked to have one of our bags checked in since we’re holding two bags  (but the other one is just a shoulder bag), so additional 400php for that.

Our flight leaves 5:30am to Caticlan. It’ll be our first time (me and John) to Boracay so were both very excited. It’ll be also our first time travel together via airplane. There’s a mini game and it’s about currencies of different countries. Since we’re seated near the front area I was the one to answer first. I was able to get the Cebu Pacific blue pouch. I’ve been wanting to have that so Yay! 🙂

view from our window, almost there

Touchdown! Landed in Caticlan Airport exactly 6:30am.

obligatory pic at the airport

First thing you need to do upon arrival is to register. 

We then waited for almost 30 minutes for our transfer but it turned out Ensemble didn’t make any reservation after we called La Carmela. Was told that it has been the problem ever since with that travel agency.

Commute it is. Rode a tricycle to the pier. Paid our boat transfer, environmental fee and terminal fee. 5 minutes to the pier and 15 minutes boat ride to the port.

I thought we’re already here but found out it will be another tricycle ride to La Carmela.

Around 9am we arrived at the hotel since its too early for us to check in we left our luggage and decided to have breakfast.

chiken adobo, omelet and juice + ham, omelet and juice

After breakfast we walk around and check for prices for activities and to do in Boracay. We try to find cheapest package available. We plan to try all  if budget and time permits. 🙂

first out of town of my flip flops

 This Korean baby is so cute, can’t help it,  took a picture of him.

Paradise! Boracay is <3. So grateful for the weather. 

Boracay is still I  can say the ultimate beach destination in our country. With its turquoise crystal clear water and powdery oh so fine white sand 🙂 no wonder it’s famous not only here but also around the world.

After an hour of walking we went back to the hotel and check if we’ll be allowed to our room. It’s almost 11:00am but they allowed us to check in since there’s a room already available. Regular check-in by the way is 2:00pm. We settle our things and took a nap. It’s an early flight so we’re both sleepy. Woke up from Tzen’s text. They’re on their way to Caticlan from Kalibo. We got up and had lunch at where else, the closest to La Carmela, Andoks. 😀

finally they’ve arrived!

No time wasted. After putting their bags in the room we walked from our hotel to station 1. Exploring and  sightseeing. Amazed of what we’re seeing. We’re all first timers here in Boracay. 😀

checking on cheap prices and best deals for our activities tomorrow

Sunset = Serenity

It’s really my dream to go to Paris someday (ahem ahem Mr. Isleta). 

July is considered as lean or off-peak season but still a lot of people flock to Boracay to relax and unwind. From Caucasians to Koreans and Filipinos.

Where to dine? There’s a lot to choose from.

haggling for prices

First time to see them this big!

Sold! We’ll have this lobster for dinner later together with tiger prawn and lapu-lapu.

Here they are, presenting our sumptuous dinner. Had our dinner at Club Manila East Boracay. You buy seafood from them and they’ll prepare and cook it for you.

tiger prawn



The aftermath:

The picture speaks for itself. So yummmehh! Taob! 

After that meal we all can’t stand up. Haha. We’re so full. We decided to walk near the shore. It’s low tide.  We removed our slippers and I so love the feeling of fine sands on our feet.

Having a good time with one of my BFFs, Tzeny.

Went back to the hotel after and lounge at the pool area for free wifi access. 🙂 Stayed there for a while then sleep. We need to recharge ourselves for tomorrow’s activity.

Summary of our expenses for Day 1

domestic terminal fee 200
baggage 400
tricycle to pier with boat transfer 130
environmental fee 75
terminal fee 25
another tricycle ride from pier to la carmela 75
breakfast (set meal) 145
Lunch at Andok’s:
chicken bbq with rice 66
extra steamed rice 12
sprite litro – 41php 20
banana con yelo 25
Club Manila East Bora (expenses divided into 4):
lobster (1.3 kls) – 1600php 400
tiger prawn(4 pcs.) – 500php 125
lau-lapu (500 gr) – 300php 75
coke 1.5 – 100php 25
Total 1798

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