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Island Hopping, Snorkeling and Helmet Diving – Day 2 (Part 1)

We woke up early. We plan to have our hair braid before our island hopping. We were able to get a package of activities at Glass Bottom Boat. They have a small booth not far from La Carmela. After breakfast we look for the two girls we saw yesterday that offers “hair braiding” (if there’s such a term, haha).

It took them an hour to finish our braid.

Aside from braiding ate also sells accessories so as a bueno mano to her we also bought some.

My first time to try this and I’m satisfied. We decided to have our hair braid for our day’s activities. We don’t our hair to get on the way (may ganon talaga, haha). At our back is the Glass Bottom Boat booth. The man in orange shirt is kuya Benjie. He assisted us in all our activities here.

So nice to wake up in the morning with this scenery. 

short cut at D’ Talipapa, walking to the tricycle terminal that will bring us to the back beach

On our way to the back beach, where all activities are during this months. Waves are rough and perilious at the front.

The busy back beach.

First activity for the day: Island Hopping

Crocodile Island (indeed shape of a crocodile)

First island we visited, Crystal Cove Island. It has always been part of the travel tour packages being offered in Boracay. You must board a boat to get here.

Picnic is one of the things you can do here with your family and friends. There’s a lot of tables and chairs set up. There’s also a sari-sari store where one can buy.

another sari-sari store along the way

There’s an entrance fee of 200php per person to enter both caves 1 and 2 and to enjoy the island’s facilities.

These views welcomed us… 

with Tzen camwhoring again 😀

Tzen getting in and me getting out of cave 1

inside Cave 1

Water is way too cold. Me and Tzen were just there clinging on the rope. Water is deep and were not good swimmers so were just here the whole time.

We’re now off to Cave 2. It will be a long walk there. Not to mention the heat of Mr. Sun.


With the beautiful view you won’t mind the heat and the walk to cave 2. But be careful in walking because I had my share of few trips along the way.

Finally we’re here…

You need to crawl on that small entrance (the one on the middle near the rope) to cave 2. It will be worth it. We really enjoyed our few minutes there since we have the place for ourselves. They manage the flow or traffic of people very well.

us before entering


There’s a guide inside watching your safety. Thanks to him too for holding our camera the whole time.

We enjoyed much of cave 2 than cave 1 simply because there’s enough space for you to swim here. Some areas are deep so again hello rope nice clinging with you. 🙂

There’s a mini zoo in Crystal Cove Island. Not sure if they’re serious on their warning. That scared me. Lol.

After Crystal Cove Island we head somewhere not far to snorkel. We had a good spot. Different kinds of fish below. All colorful and beautiful.

husband and wife all geared up and ready

We had lunch at Ilig-iligan Beach. It is a small white beach on Boracay Island’s east coast. It’s again only accessible though boat and also depends on the island’s weather and tide. We’ve asked our boatman if we can go to Puka Beach, another white beach on the northern tip of Boracay and famous for its puka shells but they said no. It will be difficult to go there because of strong waves. On our way we passed by Tagos-tagos.

Tagos-tagos from the word tagusan (as per our boatman).

Ilig-iligan Beach

We had lunch at Three M Resto. Yummy and fresh food.

Busy. Can’t wait to have our lunch. The two two activities made us hungry.

Our lunch: grilled pusit, their version of Bicol’s express and sinigang

I just want to share while ordering we asked ate (the waitress) how much our order will cost because we fear we don’t have enough to pay for the food. Ate told us it’s okay they’ll just send someone to go with us to the hotel to get our payment. And we’re all like saying, “ahhh pwede pala un.”

There’s also a lot of vendors selling souvenir items in the island and since we’re not able to go to Puka Beach I just bought this one. The man told me the shell came from Puka Beach, I hope he’s the telling the truth because the following day when we went souvenir shopping at D’ Talipapa and D’ Mall prices of this kind were way cheaper though I must say the one I got has a better quality.

We’re not able to explore much of Ilig-iligan since we left immediately after lunch. We have a scheduled reef walking/helmet diving by 1:00 pm so we need to hurry. On our way there we saw a lot of water activities happening at the back beach, there’s parasailing, banana boat, fly fish, jet ski and helmet diving.

Helmet diving time…

While waiting for our turn the boys enjoyed diving and swimming. Good for them they’re not afraid even without life vest.

There were instructions and reminders prior the actual helmet diving. We were taught right hand signals. It’s important for you to know this since you can’t talk under water. *wink* You can only communicate through hand signals.


Helmet weighs 30 kilos if you’re not in the water but only weighs 1 kilo if you’re below 15-20 feet under water. I tried lifting them and yes they’re indeed heavy.

We really enjoyed this water activity. Walking, dancing, playing and having fun under water with the fishes with our loved ones. Precious! I would love to upload the video but I’m unable to. 😦

This will be the first half of our day on our second day in Boracay Island. So far so good. Enjoying much! Expenses on day 2 will be posted on Day 2 (part 2) entry. 🙂

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