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Willy’s Rock, Zip Line and Parasailing – Day 3 (Part 1)

Third day was gloomy, was a bit worried because this is the day we planned our parasailing activity. After breakfast we asked around where’s the famous rock with the shrine of Mama Mary. Found out its called Willy’s Rock. We rode a tricycle to get there though you may opt to walk if you want.

Willy’s Rock (Boracay Station 1) – an oddly shaped volcanic formation that is synonymous with the island, appearing in various travel brochures and postcards.

Goofing around… Having so much fun. 

After Willy’s Rock we went to the equally famous Jonah’s Fruitshake. Dubbed as the best fruitshake in Boracay. A must try.

Fruitshakes – To go

That’s how they packaged to go orders. Mango Milk (95), Mango Banana (110) and Banana Choco Peanut (110).

We decided to walk to Glass Bottom Boat booth from Jonah’s. We have a scheduled zip line this morning. Good thing the weather is getting better. Along the way we passed by this kid making superb scultures in the sand.

We’ve asked locals why we’re not seeing any Boracay Sandcastle. I’ve searched and found out that the Municipality of Malay, Aklan (where Boracay is) is now implementing a 2007 ordinance regulating sandcastle-making. This is to preserve sands where Boracay is famous for. Also to protect tourists from young snatchers and pick-pockets. One can make a sandcastle still for a company or special occasion but you have to secure a mayor’s permit.

At the Glass Bottom Boat booth, waiting for kuya Benjie. He’s checking our shuttle service.

Zipline Boracay at Fairways and Bluewater Golf and Country Club shuttle 

Same with the other activities you have to register and sign a waiver.

safety first

shot by kuya Benjie from below

And off we go! Adrenaline rush, yeah 🙂

view of Tagos-tagos from  Fairways and Bluewater

We’re not allowed to swim or stay longer since this Fairways and Bluewater is a private resort. So we just took few pictures and left.

The shuttle dropped us at the back beach where a speed boat awaits us to bring us to the parasailing activity area.

It’s my first time to ride a speedboat. I was a bit worried because we don’t have a lifevest. The vast body of water scares me.

middle of nowhere (lol) waiting for our turn for parasailing

Napoleon Sports uses custom chutes 🙂

The weather was fine. Winds were strong. Perfect for parasailing. You can see me smiling but deep inside my heart beats fast, I’m nervous.

no turning back, haha

We’re up for 15 minutes. Up there a lot of things were going on my mind. What if the rope snap of. Will that be our end. Were there sharks below. Haha, really I thought of that. I told John what I was thinking. He reprimand me for thinking those. I eventually let go of my fears since I’m with him I feel safe. For the whole 15 minutes we were just talking about our dreams. He was joking most of the time. The first few minutes above was nerve-wrecking but after pure happiness and joy.

landed safely

Going back to the resort. This was the last activity for the day. The man wearing a jersey and shades is kuya Benjie. He was with us the whole time. Such a good man. Will definitely refer him to my friends.

* Expenses for Day 3 will be posted on Day 3 (Part2) entry.

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