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Leaving Boracay / The New Boracay Airport

I’m such a lazy blogger. It took me 5 months to finish my entry on my Boracay trip which happened last July. Been busy especially on the last quarter of 2011. I still have one more pending travel, Vietnam, which was last September. 🙂

Back to Boracay, our fourth day is just to get our ass out in the island. We have a 7:50am flight but we have to wake up early since we’re availing La Carmela’s shuttle service. Even though our flight leave’s 7:50am, shuttle leaves 4:30am at the hotel. They have their own time-table to follow so guest should be the one to adjust. They do wake up call as well. It’s helpful just in case you forgot to set your alarm.

It’s a rainy morning. Good thing it rained when were about to leave the island. Their shuttle is an L300 van. We left the hotel 4:35am. It took us 5 minutes to the pier, 10-minute boat ride and less than  5-minute ride to the Boracay Airport. There’s only three passengers so kakalog-kalog kame.

We arrived at the airport 5:10am and it’s still not open. I asked the guard what time it’s usually open and I was told 5:00am. People who worked there hasn’t arrived yet. We waited for few minutes before airport personnel finally arrived.

wet morning

It took us just few minutes to check in. All were computerized now. We were told we can stay at the second floor if we want to catch some sleep. So second floor it is. Go for power nap.

Second floor:

There are food stalls in both first and second floor. And some souvenir shops on the first floor. As early as 5:30am, only Caffe Xpress is open. We bought hot choco and cinnamon at Caffe Xpress. Prices as exprected are  way too high.

You can see the runway while waiting for your flight. Better have a view rather than not to have at all. Lol. There’s plasma televisions  to entertain passengers.

First floor:

Other tv screens are dedicated to flight lists and flight updates. Others flashes Department of Tourism’s advertisements and campaigns.

I’ve never been here before so I can’t compare the newly renovated airport from before. But based on reviews and comments it’s not that good. Considering the number of tourists who flock the island all year round, it’s about time they had this big change at the Boracay Airport. It will boost the tourism economy even more.

Our flight was delayed. Plane wasn’t able to leave Manila on time. From supposedly 7:50am flight back to Manila we were only able to leave Caticlan 9:00am. Bought some food while waiting. I hate the waiting game.

Definitely I’ll be back and I hope really soon! I fell inlove with Boracay. We arrived in Manila 10:01am. We rest for a while. After lunch me and John left again to watched Harry Potter 7 on IMAX in Mall of Asia (MOA). Yes, I’m a fan of the Harry Potter series. 🙂

CREDITS: Pictures posted on my Boracay 2011 trip are a combination of mine and my good friend and kumpare Stephen Principe. Thanks Phen for sharing the pix.

Bits of Info:

Just in case you’ll be interested to get the same package we had for activities, you may look for the booth of Glass Bottom Boat just few minutes walk away from La Carmela de Boracay or you may contact Kuya Benjie. His mobile number is 09293092438.

Expenses on Day 4 Php
shuttle transfer (La Carmela) 325
terminal fee 20
Cafe Express’ hot choco 120
Cafe Express’ cinnamon 95
Henlin’s Siopao 52
Coke light 35
Total 647

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