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Water Puppet Show and Saigon River Dinner Cruise

We availed the 6:30pm water puppet show. Water Puppetry has been part of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. It showcase Vietnam’s history and culture. The orchestra accompanies the performance with traditional music and song.

At the hotel’s lobby. Our guide Phong met us here.

Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre

  before the show

Us inside the theatre, we’re sitting on the 1st and 2nd row.

The orchestra. They serve as the narrator of the show.

Excerpt from the water puppet show:

dance of the water fairies

Puppeteers behind the split-bamboo screen who control the puppets.

Well even if I’m not able to understand the language I was really entertained. You’ll have a bit of a clue on what’s going to happen from the pamphlet that was given before the start of the show, well just basing on the title and what the puppets were doing. There’s a punch of humor as well so at some point you’ll laugh even if you don’t understand the narrator. I love the part where the fairies were dancing, how they twirl and line straightly. Through this show we had a peek of history traditional cultural life of Vietnamese people.

Show times: 5:00PM and 6:30PM

Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre 

55B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St. District 1, HCMC


After the water puppet show we went back to our van and we’re brought to a place where we’ll have our dinner cruise.

La Perle del Orient

We had our dinner while cruising along the tranquil Saigon River. And yes, somehow a taste of Vietnam’s nightlife.

Waiting for dinner.  The other half of our group is on another table., just the back of us.

While waiting for dinner, we are entertained by these performers. They even asked tourists to join them.

My friends trying to learn how to use this traditional instrument. Looks like a teacup to me. Hehe

Our dinner:

Green Squash Soup with Shrimps

Fillet de Bar with Butter & Garlic

Drinks (we have paid this separately though)

 Grilled Chicken and Sticky Rice

Cooked Pork with Sauce

I’m  beginning to love their food. It’s healthy and at the same time delicious. I just don’t like how they serve the food. It’s one by one. We’re still on the middle of our dinner, not all food were served yet, when the cruise was about to end. So all waitresses were in a hurry serving food which result in a not so good service. Though food was great we’re not able to enjoy our dinner.

View from where our window. You can also see other ships offering dinner cruise.

After dinner cruise we asked our guide to drop us in Ben Tanh Market. It’s just a good 5 minutes ride from where we are. We’ll check their night market. It’s good to shop at night since prices are cheaper and you’ll see great finds too. It’s been raining in the evening but rain didn’t stop us, we just bought raincoat to protect us from the rain. 🙂

Expenses USD PHP
Dinner Cruise and Water Puppet Show Package:
price per person 35 1493.45
Total 35 1493.45

***I didn’t include expenses on souvenirs and pasalubong.

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