Fresh Catch, Isdaan: The Floating Resto Fun Park

I heard Isdaan from my cousin and since we’re just nearby I decided to drop by and see it for myself. It opened last quarter of 2011 and yes it’s the branch of the famous Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac. Exactly the same concept but I believe this one  in Calauan, Laguna is not yet finish since there’s still an empty lot and still undergoing constructions. It’s the sister company of Barrio Fiesta and  owned by the Ongpauco’s.

Facade of Isdaan

We had entered on the left side of Isdaan and this big Buddha head welcomed us.

The place is huge and all over the place are gigantic statues of Buddhas, monkeys, crocodiles and mermaids.

 Yes, you can go up and “climb” the monkey. 😀

Kids will love the place. There’s a corner dedicated only to them. There’s free face painting balloons and loot bags. For sure they’ll be delighted to see Angry Birds, gigantic dinosaurs, Goofy and the famous Disney couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There’s also a free boat ride but there’s an obligatory tip of 20 PHP for the bangkero.

 There’s also Batman and Incredible Hulk.

What I love about Isdaan? The Obama’s and Former Presidents Cory Aquino and Joseph Estrada. Always ready for picture-taking. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Taksiyapo Wall

This is for you if you there’s anger within you but that you want to release. There’s a corresponding price for every piece of crockery that you want to throw against the wall. This is a place to vent out the feelings you can’t say in words.

Bingwitan Bagong Huli Mo

Saw a lot of kids in line with their rod, fishing. There’s a minimal fee for this as well. It can also be a way of bonding between father and daughter/son.

For food, there’s a lot of options. There’s an array of meals/food to choose from.

Pritong Bicol

Barrio Fiesta

The Singing Cooks and Waiters atbp.

Boodle Fight

As for us since there’s only two of us we found prices a bit pricey. It’s best for group of family and friends.  Since we don’t want to spend much on food we only had ordered inihaw na isda (grilled fish) and rice.

steamed Rice 99 PHP

inihaw na isda (grilled fish) 155 PHP

itlog na pula (salted egg) 35.20 PHP

 green mango shake 82 PHP

fresh buko 64 PHP

buko pandan 94 PHP


While dining someone will serenade you. Just give a tip of 20 PHP.

Other interesting displays:

floating huts

At night there will be live entertainment…

 And there’s a lot of stores for pasalubong including Aling Nene’s Sweets and Pasalubong


It’s so nice to know that we have this one now in Laguna. Another option people can flock to aside from the usual resorts, hot springs, malls and movie houses during weekends or vacations. The place is great for families and friends who want to bond or just simply relax and unwind. It’s some-what like a theme park for me as well. And there’s one more thing I love about the place. There’s no entrance fee! So go and find time to visit ISDAAN. 🙂

Fresh Catch, Isdaan: The Floating Resto Fun Park

Address: Brgy. Bangyas, Calauan, Laguna


From San Pablo City:

Ride a jeepney to Sta Cruz then ask the driver to drop you in Masapang. It’s the boundary of Bay and Calauan. You’ll know you’re there when you see a huge statue of ducks (itik). Fare from San Pablo to Masapang is 25 PHP. Then another short jeepney ride. Ride a Calamba bound jeepney it will pass through Isdaan. Fare is 8 PHP. Isdaan is on the left side, just across.

Another option from San Pablo is to ride a Calamba bound jeepney. Go down on Bay crossings. Fare is 25 PHP. Ride another jeepney to Sta. Cruz and go down on Isdaan. Fare is 8 PHP. Isdaan is on the right hand side.

From Manila:

Ride a Sta Cruz bound bus (DLTB, Green Star and HM Transport). It will be just one ride. Just ask the driver to drop you off in Isdaan.

For private vehicle: Take SLEX then exit to Calamba. Go straight to Los Banos. From Los Banos there’s a crossing for Calauan town proper, Sta Cruz and Bay, Laguna. Go straight to Sta Cruz way instead, then on the right side will be Isdaan, just 1 km away from the Crossing.

56 comments on “Fresh Catch, Isdaan: The Floating Resto Fun Park

  1. Nakakagutom ang mga pinost mo. Thanks for sharing this. Nakakamiss tuloy ang Pinas.

  2. nice place… surely we’ll go here this summer…wait for us isdaan….

  3. meron bang entrance???

  4. thanks for posting how to get there… un isa blog nabasa ko wala nakalagaw paano pumunta.

  5. napaka helpful ng blos mo, just like to know how much the budget bawat isa?..thanks

    • Hi Aisa, I’m glad you found it helpful. Can’t say how much ang budget eh. It really depends on how many your group is and syempre sa oorderin nio. Mas marami mas makakamura since marami kau mag-share sa bayad. 😀

  6. i saw in inquirer that this place has an area called “love padlocks” area….but i didn’t see it in your pictures. Do they really have it? thanks… 🙂

  7. Saturday afternoon kasi yung plano ng barkadang pumunta,, hindi ba matao pag ganong oras??
    Thank you. 😀

  8. Hi zayza thanks for the blog info. it will help a lot 🙂 we will be there because of your photo’s

  9. wow ang ganda naman…sana makapunta kami….i love it so much tnk u for sharing your pics….

  10. Look nice…we’ll be there next weekend… 🙂

  11. surely we will go here at november as my auntie have her vacation

  12. nice blog, informative.. thanks

  13. hi di mahirap pag uwi kung commute lang?

  14. pano umuwi pag comute lang?may bus ba dadaan doon?what time open nya ?tnx in advance

    • Hi Alma. Hindi naman mahirap umuwi even if commute kasi kame commute din eh but we didn’t stay late just to be safe. To go back just follow the same route you took to go there (see instructions on how to get there). Enjoy! 🙂

  15. pano ang pagpnta d2

  16. kpag galing ng santa rosa laguna.. ok nb ung mga van don papuntang sta cruz? dadaanan lang xa?

  17. tnx po.. planning to celebrate 7th anniv namen ng bf ko 🙂

    nice blog.. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  18. what if galing po sa lipa. how would i get there through public transpo?

  19. sarap2 ang mga luto nyo…pupunta kami jan ngayun…..

  20. thank you po so much. hihi. i want to surprise my mom kasi. thanks po ulti! GOD bless!

    • Pag Lucena ka. Baba k San Pablo. Then from there follow the same route as instructed here. Pero you can also ride Sta. Cruz bound n mga bus, easier kasi un but I’m not sure if may nadaan nun sa Sto. Tomas. Parang wala kasi.

  21. hi po..anung oras ang opening???tnx po..sarappppppp ng ng food…bka nxtwek pnta kmi jan,….

  22. Hello Zayra, Pwede humingi instruction kung pano pumunta kung galing ako Alabang? Salamat. 🙂

  23. pano papunta pag galing ng dasmarinas cavite?

  24. Very nice place im here in canada maybe nxt yr il go to that place.Nakkamis ang pinas lalo alam natin marami n ppasyalan.

  25. pag nsa crossing calmba ako, sakay lng b ako jip n sta. cruz???

  26. beside dyan anu pa pong place pwedeng pasyalan o mapupuntahan malapit dyan?

  27. my son really have fun that place, and he like the soup of tinolang isda first ever taste…

  28. Hi. It was fun and exciting to read your blog. Naghahanap kame ng friend ko ng pwedeng puntahan na kakaiba. Napaka informative nung blog so siguro di naman kami maliligaw.hahaha Thanks.

  29. Ask ko lang if you know kung may bayad yung mahuhuling fish? My dad is into fishing kaya malamang he’ll be interested to go there. thanks!!!

  30. hi i found your blog so helpful, ask ko po kng may mga inn na pwede mapag stayhan pag di maka uwi pabalik ng maynila?salamat!

  31. hey zay.. i would like to ask for a route if we will be starting @ Butuan City.. My friends are planning to go to Manila.. can provide us with the info.. Thanks

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