Welcoming Summer 2012 – Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

This will be the first time I’ll be blogging after the trip. In short, in beki’s term/gay lingo, it is freshly baked. Haha. This trip was just yesterday. I’m just excited to share our adventure because I really had fun. This opens my summer and this will be my first beach exploration for 2012 and hopefully not the last. πŸ™‚

I’ve been planning to go to Puting Buhangin (White Sand) since last year but never had a chance to pursue it. Last two weeks my feet had been itching to go somewhere else and my friend Tey mentioned she wants to go to the beach. I suggested Puting Buhangin and the rest is history. Together with Tey and Earl we planned this sweet escape to Quezon.

Our bus (Jac Liner LRT/Buendia)Β left Manila 5:15am and arrived at the Grand Terminal in Lucena at around 8:40am. We have ordered rice in Jollibee for lunch then rode a jeepney to Pagbilao Market. From Pagbilao Market it’s another jeepney ride to Brgy. Polo. A disadvantage if you’re on commute traveling is that some hours or minutes are wasted because drivers still waits their jeepney to be full before leaving. A lot of that happened on this trip. We arrived in Brgy. Polo./Old checkpoint at 11:10am.

Old Checkpoint in Brgy. Polo

From here we rode tricycle to the lake. It’s a not so good 5 minutes travel due to rough road. We asked kuya Tolits, our tricycle driver, to return on a specific time to fetch us. We met ate Gemma there. We paid her our entrance fee and fare to cross the lake. I asked a lot to ate Gemma and found out that Puting Buhangin has a new owner and they now allow overnight stays. Found out also that Aling Divina is no longer the caretaker of the place. Ate Divine, as what ate Gemma calls her, is still there but she no longer manned the place.

Our bangkero or as Earl call them, bangkeritos.

view while crossing the lake, lighthouse at the back

After crossing the lake we don’t know where to go. We forgot to ask the kids. I remember that there will be a short trek so we look around. Β All we’re seeing were rocks and water. The place is too vast. So we continue to walk. Then we paused for a while to think and look around.

Then I saw a path. Picture above is me showing Tey to try that way. Hahaha

And we start to trek…

Β We’re still unsure if we’re on the right track till we saw this sign…

Β So we continue…

A bit struggle due to boulders along the way and our heavy bag didn’t help. πŸ™‚


And finally we’ve arrived…

I’m in awe when I saw this scenic view. I can’t believe that I’m seeing this here in this cove. I’ve been to the other beaches in Quezon but Puting Buhangin is by far my favorite. Literally white sand, Earl would call it Boracayish sandΒ and pristine water welcomed us. When we arrived there’s only two other guests so the place is quiet and solemn. We notice also that the place is clean and trash free.

Since it’s already lunch time we ready our lunch. Dismissing the desire to go and plunge into the sea.

Our lunch: Rice (take-out from Jollibee), inihaw na isda, inihaw na liempo, corned beef, spam, itlog na pula (salted egg) and tomatoes.

Peg: Picnic by the beach. Achieved! Β Lol

We also bought 3 buko juice from the caretaker. It’s fresh from the coconut tree.:) We didn’t rent a cottage because we’ll just be here for few hours.

Kwebang Lampas is on the other right side if you’re facing the beach.

The place derived its name from a rock formation which forms part of a cove in Brgy. Ibabang Polo in the southern part of Pagbilao Grande Island.Β The continuous action of the waves had sculpted the rock into a lovely and unique cave.

Β off to Kwebang Lampas

Standing on a crystal-clear water on the entrance of the cave.

view of Puting Buhangin from the cave

Inside Kwebang Lampas, it just saddens me that there are few vandalism on the wall and rock formations. Some people just don’t know how to respect.

Water is so clear that you can see me wearing my flip-flops. πŸ™‚

The other side of the cave leading to the great sea.

Just steps away from the cave there’s a grotto of Mama Mary.

After Kwebang Lampas we went to the other side of the cove and linger there for more than an hour. Tey even compared it a swimming pool since we can swim all we want without fearing to be drowned. It’s a good thing also that the three of us can swim so we don’t have to worry everytime one goes deep.

There is toilet and fresh and clean water available. It’s 30PHP per container.

To go back we have the re-trace the same path we took going here. I took some pictures along the way.

There are a lot of dogs in Puting Buhangin and I must say that most of them are irritating. We didn’t get a cottage so they’re just there surrounding us for food. One of them even got Earl’s Chiz Curls and ate it in front of us. But there’s one dog, let’s call him whitey, since he’s color white (lol), is an exception. We love him dearly. He’s very behave and he accompanied and led us the way from the cove to the lake.

We went back to Lucena Grand Terminal and rode a jeepney to Lucban. We planned a side trip to Kamay ni HesusΒ but we didn’t know that it closes by 6:00pm. We arrived there around 7:30pm, disappointed we went back to Diversion instead of Grand Terminal to save time and waited for a bus going back to Manila. I’ll be going home to San Pablo and Tey and Earl to Makati.


  • No electricity
  • Toilet available
  • Day rate: 50PHP
  • Overnight: 100PHP
  • No store here so bring all the things you think you’ll be needing
  • There’s fresh and clean waterΒ available with a fee of 30PHP per container
  • Ate Gemma’s contact number: 0947-5911630
Expenses PHP
Aircon Bus ride from LRT/Buendia JAC Terminal to Lucena Grand Terminal 209.50
Jeepney ride from Lucena Grand Terminal to Pagbilao Market 8
Jeepney ride from Pagbilao Market to Brgy. Polo 35
Entrance fee on checkpoint 5
Tricycle from Brgy. Polo to Lake (back and forth) 30
Entrance fee to Puting Buhangin 50
Fare on the small boat to cross the lake (back and forth) 20
Buko juice 50
Tricycle from Lake to jeepney terminal in Brgy. Polo 30
Jeepney ride from Brgy. Polo to Taliban/La Suerte Mall 38
Ordinary bus ride from Taliban/La Suerte Mall to Grand Terminal 8
Jeepney ride from Lucena Grand Terminal to Lucban (Kamay ni Hesus) 30
Jeepney ride from Lucban to Diversion 30
Diversion to San Pablo City 82.50

121 comments on “Welcoming Summer 2012 – Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

  1. this is great news! pwede na mag-overnight, yey!

    • Yes pwede na! I’m surprised that they now allow. Sabi ni ate Gemma ok lang daw sa bagong may-ari. πŸ™‚

      • The property is still owned by a humble individuals. The Lukang family.
        The case is not yet decided by the supreme court.

        Hintayin muna nila ang decision ng korte, bago nila e claim na sila na ang may ari.
        Supposedly di pa dapat sila mag take over dyn habang ang kaso ay nasa korte pa.
        kaya lang… Yon na yon. period!!

      • thanks for the info we’re planning to go there in two weeks.

  2. friend winner! level up ang blog mo. I’m happy na makita kayo dyan pero sad kasi namiss ko gumala with you guys! 😦

  3. hi… we’re planning to go to kwebang lampas this holy week with our kids. do you think its ok lng if we go ther with kids ages 3-6 years old?

    • hi jheleny. it will be ok. but i suggest you take the same route we took. its best also if you’ll have a private car. going there is a bit tiring since there’s a lot of vehicle transfer when commuting. and roads and long travel didn’t help. kids will be a bit uncomfartable. where are you coming from anyway. still depends coz we came all the way frm Manila so yeah were a bit tired after that trip. πŸ™‚ on that trip, before we leave 2 boats arrived with families and yonug kids. so on the beach itself walang problema even if you’re with kids. they’ll enjoy it.

  4. Hi great job on your blog. I asked my friends to google “Puting Buhangin 2012” and your blog came up as the first result, i just want to ask if you were able to get any contact info from the caretaker? And if they now allow overnights, san magstay? sa cottage? o we need to bring tents?

    • Hi thanks! Contact person is ate Gemma. Her contact number is there. As per ate Gemma they now allow overnight stays. But yes I think you have to bring your own tent. And instead of 50 entrance is 100.

  5. hello, ask ko lang na tlaga bang ganyan lang ang gastos? hehehe! edi kasya na po pala ang 1500 kung solo trip ako to kwebang lampas? πŸ™‚ hope youo read this. thanks. -MJ

  6. hi po ask ko lang po kung what is exact location we nid nearest to the real quezon

    • All I know is that it is in Brgy. Ibabang Polo in Pagbilao. I’m not sure on the exact address or how far it is from Real Quezon. Never been there. But you may try to check online or google it. Can’t help you at the moment since I’m only using my phone. πŸ™‚

      • from sto.tomas batangas lang po ako. kaya medyo malapit ng konti. πŸ™‚ Thank you ate zayza. kahit ba mag-isa lang ako okay lang yung mga expences. hindi ba lalagpas kasi parang ang mangyayari solo ang rent ng small boat at tricle. hmmm… mahilig kasi ako magtravel though student pa lang po ako. kaya po gusto ko lang iassure na makakauwi pa ako ng 1500. hehehe. thank you sa response πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you ate zayza. kahit ba mag-isa lang ako okay lang yung mga expences. hindi ba lalagpas kasi parang ang mangyayari solo ang rent ng small boat at tricle. hmmm… mahilig kasi ako magtravel though student pa lang po ako. kaya po gusto ko lang iassure na makakauwi pa ako ng 1500. hehehe. thank you sa response πŸ™‚

    • Hindi kme ngrent ng boat. land travel lang talaga kame. You can follow the same route we took. sa tricycle ka lan mejo magmamahal kasi mag-isa ka lang. So siguro if mag-isa ka from 150-200 xa. tawadan m n lang. πŸ™‚

  8. hi! i would just wanna know if they have barbeque grill in there? or we need to bring our own grill? do they sell coal? and do they accept cooking services ala dampa style? thanks…

  9. Hi! My auto po kmeng dala, meton po bang place kung san pde mag park. thanks!

  10. Hi there the info here is very helpful… me and my friends are planning to go there but we have no one to ask about the place… I usually search for online info and yours is one of the most help (expenses included ^^) a thousand thanks!!!

  11. DIY N DIY to , galing budget friendly ..Gusto ko pumunta dito !!! anyone ???????

  12. pde bang akyatin yung bundok jan???

  13. OK! Thanks po Ms Zayza pde po bang paki-PM ng Direction kung paano pumunta Jan Galing Manila . . and suggest po yung cheapest and fastest way po . . ronnelcuevas@yahoo.com Thanks

  14. Hi! I would like to ask if anyone has an info on Bilaran Sand Bar? If it is near Puting Buhangin? thanks! this blog is the most helpful one I’ve seen. Our barkada is having our trip here in Puting Buhangin this coming weekend and we’re planning to stay overnight. We’re all excited and looking forward for what’s waiting for us in Puting Buhangin. God Bless

    • Hi, I’m not familiar with Bilaran Sandbar. Now I’m curious what it is. πŸ™‚ I’ll find it out and hope to visit it someday. Enjoy your trip with your friends. God bless too.

  15. supernice..thanks for this info,,super helpful..we’re planning to visit the place this weekend..

  16. Hi, crowded po b ung place?? my friends and I were planning to have some trekking next week. pnu kya kung mag overnight kmi? safe b xa? my mga kubo b dun to stay?

    • pde din po b mgsama ng bata. 4 year0old lang un son ko..ok lang kya? d kya mhirap lakarin un?or safe kya ung boat ride?

      • Hi Leny. When we went there its friday so its not crowded. From what I heard its usually crowded on weekends. Depende din siguro. I really can’t tell. May mga cottages and if you plan overnight stays bring tents n lang siguro. Safe naman kasi may mga caretaker naman dun to assist you. Pwede naman magsama ng bata pero I don’t suggest it if that’s an overnight stay.

  17. thank you zayza. We’re planning to go there next week..we already climb Mt Romelo to see Buruwisan Falls and Trek Pagsanjan falls via pueblo el salvador..tired of climbing mountains..hehehehe..beach nman before summer ends. i love the place pati ung kweba..thanks for the info.. god bless!!!

  18. wow, this is place is full of awesomeness! sana makapunta ako jan!

    your travel blog is so great really because it’s very detailed and your photos are lovely!

    —> blogwalking here πŸ˜‰

  19. Now you can enjoy longer at Kwebang Lampas and have a safe stay at Don Enrique Resort Resto & Bar just a kilometer from the Power Plant it offers huge swimming Pool, restaurant,videoke bar, with mineral water station & close cottage (bahay kubo)for overnight.Had a night sighting of Fire Flies and monkey sightings at daylight, trecking & hundres of virgin cave exploration.You can contact Raul Manalansan @ 09183964682 for reservations.By Eng’r Ric Manalansan Owner

  20. because of your interesting and well written blog, we are going there tomorrow (July 27, 2012) to celebrate by partner’s birthday together with my cousins…

    i am hoping to have as much fun as you have and more since will be staying until sunday…

  21. HI! npakahelpful ng blog mo… tagal ko na kc naghahanap ng updated na blog sa net, and glad i found yours. plan ng family namin na mg-rent ng private shuttle going to puting buhangin. ask ko lang po kung meron bang boat from the drop-off point going sa beach or may lalakarin ka p rin talaga n short distance? kasama kc namin dad ko na 70 years of age na. thanks… ^_^

    • Hi Jett. Just follow the route we took. Details are at the end of my entry. You can bring a car. May parking space nmn sa area so it’s safe to leave your car. Isang banca lang sya tatawid ka lang sa lake then walk ng few minutes to the beach. I’m just not sure if kakayanin sya ng dad m pero hindi nmn sya ganun kahirap. May mga few ups and downs lang. Pero ok naman. Mabilis lang syang mapuntahan.

  22. ok lng b pmunta jan ng oct o nov?safe kaya?

  23. hi , how much would it cost kung may mga tour guide po ?

  24. hi.. do you have the contact number of the new caretaker??

  25. hello poh!! we’re planning to there this coming nov 13,2012. I wonder if totoo b ung mga balita n napabayaan n daw ang kwebang lampas due to its publicity???

  26. hi po πŸ™‚ san po mag stay kpag mag overnyt dun? kelangan po ba magdala ng sariling tent o may marerentahan? o sa cottage nlang mag stay? thanks po πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Zayza. This is an informative post you’ve got here. Have been to Puting Buhangin but accessed it through a boat from Brgy. Bantigue. Would love to try this route soon. BTW, your companions look familiar. By any chance, are they working in IHG Makati?

  28. hi! love your blog. me and my friends will be going there tomorrow. ask ko lang kung saan kayo sumakay ng bangka and how long yung trekking nyo to kwebang lampas? thanks πŸ™‚

  29. hi zayza..na inspired ako sa blog at pics.mo kaya nagdecide ako dun mag celebrate ng bday ko kasama ng family ko..nung dec.02;2012 kmi nagpunta.pagdating nmin brgy.polo ng sasakay na kmi tricycle.nagtanong ako sa driver kung magkano.sabi nya 200php one way lng yun.ngulat kmi kc sa blog mo 30 lng roudtrip pa.and tinawagan ko din sa aling gemma before kmi pumunta.ganun nga lng daw ang pamasahe 30 php din..nkakagulat lng na mapagsamanatala na ang mga tricycle drivers dun.kc nga mrami ng pumupunta.anyway thanks.kahit ginto ang bayad sa tricycle nag enjoy namn kmi

  30. yung mga gusto pong magpunta dun..magdala po kayo extra money..kc mahal po ng tricycle nila.200 oneway..mag eenjoy kayo dun .sulit nmn yung pagod at nilabas na pera kc sobrang tahimik ng lugar.malinis ang dagat.ingat lng po dun sa color black na prang rambutan na maraming tinik.kc nkakalganat daw po yun pag natusok yung paa..thanks ms.zayza..may bago na nmn akong napuntahan na lugar..god bless….

  31. hi ms.zayza.yes, its true!.khit ako nagulat!cguro pagbalik ntin dun maayus na yung daan.bka bumalik sa dati yung pamasahe nila..parang anawangin din ang lugar ng kuebang lampas..mas konti nga lng kc wala pang masyadong nkakaalam..anyway thanks ms zayza..god bless……

  32. Hi, may cellphone signal po ba sa island (sana globe :))

  33. Hello may cellphone signal ba dito? anong network kaya?

  34. smart po ang malakas sa island mismo.. πŸ™‚

  35. Very nice blog. Im so inspired. I and 8 of my friends will be going there next weekend. Excited much. Thank you zayza.. =)

  36. hi zayza, tanong ko lang, kung may dalang car, kelangan pa bang magrent ng tricycle? At saan po ang safe parking? from parking gaano pa po kadami ang sasakyan? thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lei, no need mag tricycle if may dala kaung sasakyan. Please read the blog I think nabanggit ko nmn ung details na yun dun. Pwede n kau dumiretso and safe naman ang parking dun. I’m not sure how many cars can fit in pero mejo madami naman. Thanks.

  37. pde Q g po malaman Qng san kuha yung picture nyo sa taas bandang kanan. yung jump shot? church g po yun? tnx ^_^

  38. ahhh…sa nagcarlan. salamat ^_^

  39. hi, if i may ask is it true that the cave and the puting buhangin didn’t share in an area?

  40. Ate.. from Rizal po ako.. nagiisip po kasi kami ng mga kabatch ko mg beach sa May.. at tlagang bet ko jan sa Puting Buhangin,.bale kung madami kami e magjeep as in service na lang kami.. ok lang po ba yun? tapos hndi po namin afford mag check in.. ok lang po ba na kahit magdala lang kami ng tent namin sarili or sa cottage na lang kami mag stay.. balak po kasi namin magstay ng matagal mga 2-3 days?? :/

    • Hi. Are u from Rizal, Laguna too? Oo nmn pwd jeep ang service nio. May parking area nmn. Sa cove itself wala nmn talagang pwdng pag stayan. Cottages lan meron sila. They now allow overnight stays so yes you may bring tents if u want. I’m just not sure if they’ll be asking a fee for that.

  41. hi just wan to ask kung gaano katagal byahe sa lake? di ba nakakatakot or delikado dahil bata yung bangkero? saka wala na bang ibang way kundi daanan yung lake? Thanks

    • Hi. It’s just few minutes ride to cross the lake. Less than 5mins if I’m not mistaken. Ok lang ung mga kids sanay n sila tsaka isang tawid lang nman. There’s other way. You can do island hopping as well and include borawan and dampalitan. I’ve been there though. You can check my other posts in QUEZON it’s there. Jump off point is Padre Burgos, Quezon.

  42. This is amazing information! thanks.

  43. penge po contact number ng caretaker.. pls

  44. Hi Zayza, nice blog about Puting Buhangin beach πŸ˜€ very informative too. i learned na may available naman palang comfort room doon. we’re all excited na this coming sunday hehe. thanks, keep on exploring & blogging!

  45. Been there yesterday and it was awesome!! Thankyou, ur blog help me a lot, ping back ko po dto ung gagawin kong review and updated fare and contact numbers ha πŸ™‚ thankyou.

  46. We are planning po to come with family, are the fares are still the same?? Crowded po kaya this week?? thank you sa reply..

    • Hi Micah thanks for visiting. With the fares it should be the same. D p naman nag taas ulit ng fares db. I’m not sure if crowded siya or not. Baka mejo madaming tao kasi malapit na mag HolyWeek pero d ko din sure. Enjoy kau.πŸ˜„

  47. nagplano kming magkakatarbaho n magpunta nung sabado. sakay kame ng inarkila nameng jeep galing lucena. mlpit n kme sa ibabang polo ata yung lugar ng biglang bumulusong sa babang kalsada yung aming jeep ng ndi nakakabig ng pakaliwa sa kurbadang daan yung driver. swerte nmen at malaking pasasalamat sa Diyos na wala nmang malalang nasaktan. buti ndi bumaligtad ang jeep dhil kung ndi, pirat kme. bruises lng natamo ng iba. ng dhil sa trauma. ndi na kame natuloy. pero babalik kme dun.

  48. Your pics are very inviting πŸ™‚

  49. weve been last Saturday overnight kami,the island was awesome

  50. OMG!!!it’s not true this time,, crowded na ang place ng mga locals. Ndi xa maganda gaya ng mga nabanggit sa blogs…The place is horrible, most specially ung tindera ng tindahan na si Ka Jasmin, na walang ginawa kundi mambulyaw ng mga bakasyonista at kostumer nya.. Not a friendly one. Siya ung matabang gusgusin na walang ginawa kundi mag-alcohol sa katawan being an OC, un lng kc kaya nyang gwin kc mukhang ndi xa naliligo..Ginto ang lahat ng tinda, example nlang ung isang container ng tubig na puro buhangin pa ay P50 na tumataginting!!! Mini BORACAY kamo????baka mini BORAX-kay….sa mga nagbabalak pumunta ditto, sasayangin nyo lng ang pera, oras at pagod nyo, its not worthy…Believe me, kakauwi lng nmen ng bahay galling doon…
    RATING: -0 as in ZERO!!!!

  51. very informative ang blog mo Ms. Zayza. My family would love to go there.. we were going to Kamay ni Jesus then to Puting Buhangin. 15 Adults and 10 children.. naghahanap lang ako san murang makapagstay ang family ko. You may want to suggest. thanks..

    • We’re just there for a day tour eh. But on one of the comments here mentioned about Don Enrique Resort Resto Bar which is just a kilometer away frm the power plant. Check the comment of Engr Ric. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy!

  52. Planning na magpunta dito! Want to be here :)))

  53. […] and feel the SUMMER 2013! Thankyou Ms.ZayzaΒ we safely reached the place because of your […]

  54. 2 of my friends and i are going there for an overnight beach camping on saturday 04/27/2013. see you when i see you.

  55. hi ms zayza…hope you’ll be able to read this latest post of thank you in behalf of my SPU co-workers….we went here last april 21 lang and had our team building here inspite of the crowd…super ganda ng place para na rin kming pumunta ng boracay in its cheapest version with cave pa n wla dun hehehe! the place is still the same a year after your exploration pero syempre i’ve notice some not so nice changes kc nga marami ng tourist sna lang di mpabayaan yung place for future gen πŸ˜‰ and i am planning to go back here….again thank you so much……

  56. hey , marc?? how’s your trip?? is it ok to stay for overnight?? do they offer a tent rental???

  57. Hi, were planning to there on May 18-19 overnyt…Base on the blog parang ok ung place… Ask ko lng kung me sarili kming sskyanpano ung route na mas mbilis kmi mkkrating? And nid pba nmin mg boat tlga? Or pese nmin trwkking? San start ng place nmin? Tnx hoping for ur reply

  58. Wow..Nice place! πŸ™‚

  59. hey thanks for this! hopefully we don’t get lost wahahaha

  60. May signal na po ba sa mismong island?

  61. Kung di po kmi mag overnight may masakyan po ba kmi pauwe pa cubao?

  62. hi 2 adults lng pom kmi at 2 kids sa pier po marming puede maksbayan para sa boat rent?

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