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Pho24 – Ayala Triangle Gardens

One lazy afternoon after I rendered overtime, it’s A Day of Valor (Araw ng Kagitingan) by the way, I met up with two of my friends in Glorietta. We watched a movie (Moron 5 and A Crying Lady) then after decided to go to Ayala Triangle Gardens since we’re all craving for Pho. We didn’t go to Wabi-sabi since we figure it might be close since it’s a holiday.

We arrived 4:00 pm in Ayala Triangle Gardens. We didn’t know it closes from 2:30 pm till 5:00 pm. We decided to wait and sit just outside the establishment while enjoying the nice view and serenity of the park. There’s only few people since again it’s a holiday.

I took some pictures while waiting using my phone. All pictures here are from my phone so I apologized if some picutes are blurry and not that clear. 🙂

After an hour of waiting finally we’re allowed to enter. 🙂

Pho24 is a Vietnamese food joint that is popular for its noodles soups made with the freshest ingredients. This is just like Jollibee in Vietnam. When we visited Vietnam last year in every area there’s Pho24.

A touch of Vietnamese culture. I have this salakot at home. The one I bought from Vietnam and how can we forget their traditional instrument, the one they use to serenade us in one of our tours. 🙂

Pho Ga Chicken Noodle Soup  PHP
Small 99
Regular 138

Pho Tai Beef Tenderloin Noodle Soup PHP
Small 99
Regular 138

Bahn Cuon Shrimp and Pork Fresh Rice Roll 128

While eating there’s Viet music playing giving customers the Vietnamese feel. Here’s Earl enjoying his beef noodle soup.

After eating my regular size chicken noodle soup and one piece of fresh rice roll  I’m so full. I don’t know what’s with Viet food but I really fell in love with their food.

And aside from fresh and  healthy food they serve here, they have a very friendly staff.

Pho24 Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave., Bel-Air

Makati City, Metro Manila


Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Contact Number: (02) 621-6133

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