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Ana Kalang Festival

After visiting the Underground Cemetery, we just crossed the road to have an early dinner at Shell Kubo. I used to frequent the place during my younger years. Nothing had changed. They manage to maintain it as it is. Why name the place Shell Kubo? Because they’re just beside the Shell Gasoline station and the establishment is a kubo (nipa hut).

View from where we’re seated.

Our tipid dinner. 105 each. 🙂

Rice 15
Fish fillet (150 per order) 75
Coke 15
Total 105

We plan to go home after but the owner of Shell Kubo, who happened to be my mom’s friend, ask if we’re here for the Ana Kalang Festival. We didn’t know that this week is the festival. I always thought it’s in October but my mom told me they moved it to April since it always rain in October. We decided to go the plaza to check since we’re already here in Nagcarlan.

The festivities commemorate a bountiful harvest of the town’s agro-industrial products. The name of the festival was derived from a woman named Ana Kalang, who, according to a myth, was known for her tremendous wealth, kindness, piety and generosity. – Source: Laguna Provincial Office

Large replicas of churches and giant statues known as kalang-kalang, from which the name of the festival and the town itself was derived from, will welcome you. This is just in front of the Nagcarlan’s Municipal Hall.

Inside church replicas are booths showcasing Nagcarleno’s skills in handicfraft making and basket weaving. One of the booths we entered features Bihis Kalang-kalang. I noticed different schools in Nagcarlan competed for this.


The kalang-kalang is usually ten foot high and made of different fruits and vegetables or any indigenous materials for its parts.

 Municipal Hall of Nagcarlan

The major attraction of the festival is the grand parade and street-dancing contest. Other highlights of the festival includes the agro-trade fair, cooking contest, nightly cultural shows, tour in the town’s historical and scenic spots, livelihood seminars, competition in traditional Filipino games and sports, antique exhibit, garden show and the beauty pageant.

A lot of families flocked here that adds color to the festivity especially the kids. There are a lot of food stalls in the area so one need not to worry of getting hungry.

They also exhibited agricultural crops like fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee and root crops, which are grown the whole year-round, and are for sale both to local and foreign visitors and folks from neighboring towns.

Indeed Nagcarleno’s has a green thumb! Look how big are those!

It was just a quick visit since its getting dark but me and my bestfriend T-rox enjoyed it. We’re able to reminisce the good ‘ol days.  And I’m proud to say that I’ve been here.

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