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Northbound Day2.1 – Sillag Festival

It’s another long travel from Vigan to San Fernando La Union. We left Vigan 3:30pm and arrived in San Fernando around 7:45pm. We’ve come here to witness the first-ever  Sillag-The Poro Point Festival of Lights. The launching of Sillag Festival was meant to illuminate Poro Point as a tourist magnet for La Union. (PS: Pictures used were taken using my phone. I apologized again for poor quality pictures. 😀 )

This resort welcomed us. Quite familiar? That’s the Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point where the blockbuster local film No Other Woman was shot. 🙂

Sillag is an Ilocano word meaning moonbeam or lunar illumination. Residents and tourists who came were treated to a spectacle of lights at Poro Point that night, April 28, 2012.

There’s lantern fluvial parade, fleets of decorated and illuminated vessels were paraded from nearby Bauang town to Poro Point.

Hope Lanterns. Sky lanterns in green, yellow, pink, orange, red and white were released, each color having different meanings being mentioned by announcer while realeasing the lanterns. The lanterns were sold for P100 for individuals and P1,000 for institutional donors.

There’s also a mini concert (6-Cycle Mind band) and pyromusical show but we didn’t  wait for it. Everyone was tired from the day’s acitvity and just wanting to rest and be able to sleep. Balaoan is still less than two hours away.

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