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Calaguas – The Saga Continues (Day 2)

A child in me had been waiting for daybreak but since it rained last night we’re not able to see Mr. Sun rising, but still I’m all smile. I really love the feeling of waking up with a view of the beach. There’s a feeling of calmness within me. I feel so pacified.

Our plan to trek didn’t happen so instead we went and explore the other side of the island, the left side this time (if you’re facing the beach again) before breakfast. If you’ll walk from one end to the other of the island it can be tiring and the hot weather won’t help.

The other end of the island. Loving the lush scenery.

We kept on laughing because the boat kept on moving (ano daw?) 🙂

L-O-V-E shot! We spelled love (though it isn’t very clear, Lol).

We went back to the camp just in time for breakfast. Then chatted for a while with Lakwatserong Kusinero.

Moths way of procreation. 😀

Break camp around 10:00AM. We readied our things and waited for the boat. While waiting, to make it fun, we had our own little photo shoot. Nope, we don’t love posing and cameras that much. Lol.



Lovers lane ❤

The gang:

Time to leave the paradise. 😦

I fell in love with Calaguas no doubt about it. You really can feel you’re one with nature. Nevermind the long travel, a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the metro is truly worth it. I will surely comeback and maybe try the DIY style next time. Till we meet again.

CREDITS: Aside from my photos, I used my friends’ Phen and Shy’s pictures on this trip. And oh some of Kuya Nano’s. Thanks guys. :D

This is part of the 2D/1N package we availed:

Day 1: Calaguas – Virgin Island Saga (Day 1)

Calaguas Island 101

Another Attempt on Surfing – Bagasbas Beach

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