Another Attempt on Surfing – Bagasbas Beach

It started to drizzle as we reached Vinzons’ port. We arrived at Vinzons’ at 12:55PM. We headed to Kuya Nano’s house then a side trip to Bagasbas beach. We’re in Bagasbas by 1:45PM. We had our lunch at Surfer’s Dine Inn. As we’re having lunch rain became heavier with thunder and lightning. We’re hesitant to continue our plan to surf. Good thing as we’re about to finish our lunch it stopped and there goes the clear sky again.

Bagasbas Beach is considered as one of the best surfing sites in the Philippines with swells reaching 3-6 feet which is ideal for beginners.  It is the ideal place to learn how to surf.

It will be my 2nd time to try surfing. First time was in La Union this April summer. Surfing lesson is 400/hr. I learned more of the basics here since our instructor Shakira (forgot her real name) is more into details. Taught us parts of the surf board, proper way to lie down and get up on the surf board. Difference between long board and short board. She answers queries as well.

I learned that there’s two types of surfer, goofy and regular. And I’m a goofy. Goofy (goofy foot) is surfing with your right foot forward and regular is surfing with your left foot forward.


Now ready to surf…

We’ll only have 30 minutes each since we split the 400/hr surfing. You can’t avail the 30 minute surfing but you can ask if its possible to have someone to share it with. I’m the last to try and the pressure was on me since the two girls were able to stand on their board. Haha.

After numerous attempts finally I was able to stand on my board before my 30-minute time ended. Happy. 🙂

After our “fight” with the waves we took a bath in Surfer’s Dine Inn (where we had lunch). I decided to go home first in our hometown so I told Shy I’ll be joining them instead of our bus going back to Manila. We left Bagasbas 5:30Pm. We had a stopover for a late dinner at Lita’s eatery/carinderia in Gumaca, Quezon. We arrived in Rizal, Laguna past 3:00AM. What a weekend, tiring but worth it.

CREDITS: Thanks Phen for the shots. Thanks for capturing our shining monents. 😀

This is part of the 2D/1N package we availed:

Day 1: Calaguas – Virgin Island Saga

Day 2: Calaguas – The Saga Continues (Day 2)

Calaguas Island 101

6 comments on “Another Attempt on Surfing – Bagasbas Beach

  1. Hello! The surfer’s name is Mocha. She’s a good friend of mine and she’s quite a celebrity among the Filipino surfers. haha!!! Filmmaker, Samantha Lee also made a documentary on her. You can watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxCLiPOf89Q

  2. Inggit much… I hope to try surfing this yearrrr… 😦

  3. yep your instructor was the famous mocha , bagasbas is a great place to learn surfing and also kiteboarding at very affordable prices , well done to you and nice blog

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