A not so white Whitewater Rafting in CDO

Cagayan de Oro City –  city of Golden Friendship, gateway to Northern Mindanao and now, known as the city of White Water Rafting and River trekking. The last being my main purpose in pursuing this epic 7-day tour.

I didn’t book the rafting in advance because originally we planned to go straight to Camiguin after staying overnight in CDO. But our plan changed so I end up calling one of the operators early that morning and booked an afternoon session for white water rafting availing the Advance Course 1 (others: Beginner, Advance Course 2 and Expert).

We’re fetched at the hotel lobby by 12:40PM by guys from Kagay.

Kuya Tata, our river guide, orienting us. I’m half listening, haha. My eyes are fixed on the river, I almost backed out. 🙂

It had rained in CDO few days prior to our arrival, that explains why the river isn’t that clear or that white eh?! The same reason for the title of this entry. Haha #justsaying

It’s just me and my BGF (best gay friend) Earl so we joined the other group in rafting. It’s fun because you get to meet others and eventually make friends. According to our river guide it will be 4-5 hours of rafting (of course depending on the river flow and the paddlers as well). Me and Earl positioned ourselves at the front (sa ngalan ng picture). Haha.

And let the fun ride begins…

My favorite shot, loving my face here (panic mode). Haha

And high-five!

I’m stunned on the views we’re seeing while traversing the river. Couldn’t agree more on Earl’s comment that truly God is amazing. We’re surrounded by His beautiful  creations.

It’s fun riding the wild rapids. That will be 24 rapids in total for the advance course and most of the rapids has names. Cool huh. I just don’t remember them all. On this 7-day tour we had in Northern Mindanao, this is the one I enjoyed the most, my favorite actually. Plus we enjoyed Kuya Tata’s guidance on us. His constant  instructions of forward, stop, paddle back and high-five still ringing in my ear. He’s good. I highly recommend him! He’s so funny and knows a lot of trivia and information about the place. I call him kuya Kim because of that. I’m already solved rafting pa lang. 🙂  I would really love to go back and try the expert course or maybe extreme? Hmmm…

This activity is safe, they made sure of that. Even kids can try this under the beginners course with an accompanying adult of course. Just in case you’ll be in CDO, even travelling on business, don’t miss this. Super FUN. Super SULIT (worth it). As for the rates it’s regulated so which ever operator it’s all the same.


  • Beginner’s Course – 700/head, 3 hours actual river run, 14  (class I-II) rapids
  • Advance Course 1 – 1000/head, 4 hours actual river run, 24 (class II-III) rapids
  • Advance Course 2 – 1500/head, 5 hours actual river run, 27 (class III) rapids
  • Extreme Course – 200/head, 5 hours actual river run, 18 (class III-IV) rapids

And just an FYI, here’s the Whitewater Classification:

Class I – Very easy, generally fast moving water

Class II – Easy to moderate, small to medium sized regular waves with some obstacles

Class III – Moderate to exciting, numerous waves that are bigger and a bit irregular with currents that can be tricky

Class IV – Exciting, longer rapids with powerful waves and strong currents

Class V – difficult, massive waves and violent rapids

Class VI – the limit of navigation, rarely run or generally considered un-runnable

Operators you can contact for White Water Rafting experience:

Kagay Whitewater Rafting 

  • Landline: (088) 310-4402
    Mobile: +639177122323
    Contact: Dan Kaamiño
    Email Address: dankaamino@yahoo.com
    Website: www.cdorafting-map.com
  • Red Rafts Cagayan de Oro
    Landline: (088) 857-7238
    Mobile: +639195026317 / +639178556983 / +639228973175
    Contact: Rex Tapongot
    Email: nelson.cee@gmail.com
    Website: www.theredrafts.com
  • Rafting Adventure Philippines (Cagayan de Oro Whitewater Rafting Adventure)
    Landline: (088) 857-1270/ (088) 856-3514
    Mobile: +639173255544/+639088849575
    Contact: Rupert Domingo
    Email Address: riverguide95@yahoo.com / riverguide95@raftingadventurephilippines.com
    Website: www.raftingadventurephilippines.com
  • Golden Friendship White Water Rafting Corporation
    Landline: (088) 858-9007
    Mobile: +639194924488

5 comments on “A not so white Whitewater Rafting in CDO

  1. oo nga, not so white and water, pero galing pa rin! never tried rafting (ala dine samin) tsaka indi ako marunong lumangoy pero kung may life vest gora na rin hehe!

    sana sa next bkasyon ko i’d have a chance to go until south para matry dine ire, mukang adrenaline rush ngarud! salamat ulit! 🙂

    • Umulan kasi the previous day kaya ganyan. Mga after 3 days p daw before maging clear ulit ung water. Super fun ung rafting. Highly recommended. Never miss this if punta ka CDO. And I assure you safe naman sya and basta follow instructions lang. Ok ung advance course kahit sa non swimmers.

  2. Hi, kagay’s official website is http://www.kagaycagayandeororafting.com, not cdorafting-map.com

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