CAMIGUIN – Island Tour

Technically Day 3 of our epic 7-day Northern Mindanao tour but I would like to call it still Day 2 since its already night time when we landed in CDO. Day 1 being spent on rafting. #justsaying.

We checked out at the hotel by 7:30 AM. Rode a motorela to Agora Market and had breakfast in Jollibee. Rode an ordinary bus to Balingoan (which I regret, we should’ve opt to an AC bus) by 7:48 AM. The bus left 9:10 AM. We arrived in Balingoan Terminal almost 11:45 AM. Rode another motorela to Balingoan Ferry Port. It’s just a short distance you may opt to walk if you want.

We purchased tickets, P150, at the booth bound to Benoni Port and paid a terminal fee of P 2.50 and seated at the waiting area. At 12:10 PM we boarded the ferry and it left by 12:42 PM.

Ferry was jampacked. Many locals and tourist on board to the island of born fire. Waves were big, felt like we’re in a roller coaster. Earl asked one of the crews if they have a lifevest and there’s none. Oh, okay. Ride at your own risk. Haha

We arrived in Benoni Port around 2:10 PM. I’m overwhelmed by people offering transport services. I didn’t know how to react because we’re bombarded with questions. We’re a bit pissed off by them to be honest but still we manage a sweet smile (yes, sweet talaga) and politely beg off. We already have a person to contact in Camiguin I just haven’t contacted him yet. I plan to contact him on arrival at the port, which is by the way not a good idea. Always make arrangements in advance just in case there will be unforeseen events. Like in our case his mobile number can’t be reached. Good thing I have a back up contact person and thank God he’s available to do the tour. After closing the deal we rode a van to Mambajao to meet him, fare is P30.

We arrived in Mambajao around 2:40 PM. Mambajao is the capital municipality of Camiguin. After meeting Kuya Chris, our guide, we asked if we can have a quick-lunch. He brought us to 3D’s. We haven’t found any place to stay at, we’ll just do that after the tour (which is again not advisable). 🙂

Earl on our rented multicab.

We started the tour by 3:00 PM. We went to Katibawasan Falls first. Entrance fee is P25.

Katibawasan Falls cascades 250 ft (76 m) down to a pool surrounded by orchids, ferns, trees, rocks and boulders.

Katibawasan Falls up close.

My flip flops gave up (na-stress siguro sa rafting yesterday). Good thing I have a spare one on my bag. Earl rants that still Islander is the best. Haha. But infairness to Ipanema it’s been with me for the past three years and we’ve shared so many travels together. 🙂

On our way to Walkway to the Old Volcano we passed by Barring in Naasag. We asked Kuya Chris to stop, we savored the view and do the jump shot. Haha

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. There will be life size statues depicting the staions of the cross on your way up. At the end you’ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the island.

The Sunken Cemetery. One of the most visited tourist spot in Camiguin. It is the remains of Mount Vulcan 1871 eruption which lies 20 ft underground in Barrio Bonbon Catarman, Camiguin. The Cross Marker is just meters away from the shore and there are boats you can hire to reach it.

The Old Church Ruins

The church of the Old Catarman town was destroyed and partly submerged by volcanic debris during the eruption and formation of Mt. Vulcan from 1871 to 1875. Also known as Gui-ob Church, only the ruins of the church and bell tower remains of the old town.

Walls made with coral stones.

Chapel inside the ruins. We lighted a candle and offer a prayer.

The bell tower ruins.

At our back, ruins of the convent.

Earl inside the convent ruins.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort. Refreshing cold spring water that has a huge pool and sandy bottom with tiny fishes all around. Best during the day or summer. We didn’t take a dip. Water is way too cold for a late afternoon dip. We paid an entrance fee of P20.

Cottages, tables and huts available for visitors.

Kuya Chris also planned to bring us to the soda water pool but we’re not able to, there’s a fallen tree on the road.

On our way back we stopped again at Barring for picture, just in time for the sunset.

Last stop was the Ardent Hibok Hibok Spring Resort. It is being managed by LGU Mambajao.

Swimming pools at Ardent Hibok-hibok Spring Resort contains hot and sulfuric flowing water. Temparature in every pool varies from 33 degrees centigrade to 38 degrees centigrade to answer to inidividual needs and desire. Skin pores tend to open when exposed to warm ar hot water and close to cold water exposure. Thus, one is advised to have a cold shower after a dip at the swimming pool.

After a quick plunge at the spring…

We looked for Kuya Chris and asked him to join us for dinner.

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort

LGU Mambajao

Tagdo, Mambajao Camiguin

Tel. No. (088) 387-0508

Here’s Kuya Chris. Our handsome tour guide. 🙂 I’ll definitely recommend him. His contact number is 0921-5637788. Multicab rate ranges from 1200-1500 while habal-habal is 600-800.

While dining, it rained around 8:40 PM, we stayed for a while. But when it didn’t stop we decided to just run to his multicab. It’s getting late already and we still don’t have a place to stay.

Kuya Chris brought us to Pabua’s Cottages. At first we’re hesitant to get it since it’s out of our budget. There’s only two of us who’ll be staying. The owner gave us a discounted rate so we gave in. Besides it’s already dark and rain is getting heavier.

Rate of the room is P1200. Got the room for only P800.

As per Kuya Chris all tourist attractions are own or being run by government. Rates are regulated even for vans, multicabs and habal-habal. They just can’t regulate rates for hotels for obvious reasons. Hotel rates will vary on their location, amenities and facilities to offer.

Expenses PHP
Motorela to Agora Terminal 14
Breakfast in Jollibee 68
Ordinary Bus to Balingoan 76
Motorela to Balingoan Ferry Port 7
Ferry Ticket 150
Terminal Fee 2.5
Van to Mambajao 30
Camiguin Island Tour (multicab) P1200 (600/pax) 600
Katibasawan Falls Entrance 25
Sto. Nino Cold Spring Entrance 20
Total 992.5

**Does not include our lunch, dinner and hotel accommodation.

To be continued…

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  2. angkulit ng mga pose ni Earl, lalo ung planking… at noted ang tibay ng Islander nya hehe! good u have a spare pair for u, noted that for my backpack, thanks for the tip! 🙂

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