Camiguin White Island – So Near Yet So Far

We plan to leave the island after lunch so we are advised by Kuya Chris to go to the famous White Island in Camiguin early morning instead. We’re up by 4:30 AM but it’s raining so it’s impossible to go there this early. We went back to sleep and do it in the afternoon instead since its high tide by 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM. We have to adjust our itinerary then.

We went out of the room 6:30 AM to check out the beach. Pabua’s Cottages is just few minutes walk away to the jump off point to White Island. On our way to the shore Earl noticed this. Uhmm they meant customers right?! 😀

The sky is dark and gloomy, waves were strong and big. Deep inside me I had this feeling we won’t be able to see it. We asked around where to eat. We end up eating in Kainan sa Tulay, we rode a motorela to get there. To our surprised just few minutes after we’re seated Tin and her friends came to have breakfast as well. They’re the same group  we met in our whitewater rafting adventure.

Pic grab from Tin’s FB. Small world but as per Earl small island. Nice to see you guys again.

After breakfast we stayed in our room. Found out through Facebook that there’s a storm in Manila (Bagyong Gener) and some areas already flooded. We went out 10:00 AM to check the shore.  We met Mary and his fiancé Alvin who’s fresh from Dubai. The sky is already clear but still waves were strong and big.

Nothing to do so there… #AlamNa Haha

Went back to Pabua’s. Checked out by 12:00 PM. We left our things at the owner’s house and went back to the shore again, Mary and Alvin were still there. Together we waited for the announcement of DOT of Camiguin if they’ll be allowing boats to White Island.

BGF (best gay friend) Earl making the waiting game a little fun. Below, his different mood swings. Lol

After hours of waiting locals told us that for that day DOT won’t be allowing boats to the island for safety reasons. We exchange numbers with Alvin, they decided to wait some more. We left for lunch and asked them to give us a call or text for further announcement.

After lunch went back to Pabua’s to freshen up and got our things. We left 3:05 PM. We originally planned to ride a motorela then catch a van in Mambajao Terminal but Alvin called Earl and ask if we could all rent a multicab to Benoni Port. We agreed and fetch them in Bahay Bakasyunan where they’re staying.

Benoni Port waiting area.

Meet our new friends Alvin and Mary:

Construction underway…

Bought tickets to Balingoan on arrival via Super Shuttle Ferry Asian Marine Transport Corp., P170, and waited for our ferry to arrive. We boarded 5:30 PM and ferry left before 6:00 PM.

View of Benoni Port from the ferry.

I slept the moment the ferry leaves but around 6:50 PM I’m awakened. I looked at my side and Earl was so pale. He felt like vomiting. We’re like in a seesaw. Winds were strong and waves were so big. Didn’t know were riding a RORO and we’re against the current and since the bottom of the ferry is flat the more we felt the waves’ impact. To add that we’re also against the wind. I started to panic when everyone in the ferry looks scared and some started vomiting. I asked Alvin if it’s normal that waves were like this. He explained everything to us and pacified us telling that in few minutes we’ll be in Balingoan Ferry Port. That few minutes seems eternity. We can’t wait to get off the ferry.

We arrived in Balingoan Port 7:20 PM.

Rode a motorela to the bus terminal and waited for an AC bus. Yes AC bus this time. We want to be comfortable on our way back to CDO. While waiting we ate batchoy in one of the nearby stores.

White Island is the only reason we stayed overnight though we’re not able to see it that’s ok. Still we left Camiguin with a smile in our face. Maybe I’m really meant to go back to the Island of Born Fire. Not that soon but for sure I’ll be back. 🙂

Expenses PHP
Motorela to Kainan sa Tulay 7
Breakfast: Adobo (P20), Pansit (P10) and Rice (P6) 36
Lunch: Meatball (P20), Tanghon (P10) and Rice (P6) 36
Multicab to Benoni Port P400 (P100/pax) 100
Ferry Ticket 170
Motorela to Balingoan Terminal 7
Dinner: Batchoy (P25) and Mineral Water (P20) 45
Bus Fare to Agora Terminal 143
Total 544

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3 comments on “Camiguin White Island – So Near Yet So Far

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  2. love the photos! katakot lang ung ferry ride… thank God u got off safe, 🙂

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