CAMIGUIN – Accommodation

We didn’t book our accommodation in advance. I don’t know why but I’m used to this or should I say I’m always like this for all my domestic travels. Haha. I always search online though for reference. Good thing Kuya Chris, our tour guide, was able to find us a good place. He brought us to Pabua’s Cottages.

Below me and Earl promoting Pabua’s Cottages. Lol

Our room for the night. Too big for us. Good enough for 6 pax. As I’ve mentioned on my earlier post we’re hesitant to get it. Aside from being too big for us it’s out of our budget. But  since Manang gave us a discount we eventually get it.

Street where Pabua’s is in. Quiet and friendly neighborhood.

Pabua’s Cottages, Where Friends meet Friends

Rocky Village, Yumbing Mambajao Camiguin

Tel. No.:  (088) 387-9033 / Mobile No.: 0906-4152557

Email Address: pabuacottages@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.pabuascottages.com

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eppabua 

Other accommodation in Camiguin:

Paguia’s Cottages (Just beside Pabua’s Cottages)

Rocky Village, Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9018 / Mobile No.: 0905-3234587

E-mail Address: paguia_cottages88@yahoo.com

Lydia’s Cottages

Rocky Village, Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9520 Mobile No.: 0909-8128483

Paras Beach Resort

Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9008

E-mail Address: parasbeachresort@yahoo.com

Website: www.parasbeachresort.com

Camiguin Golden Sunset

Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9163 / Mobile No.: 0918-5595686

Website: camiguinisland.net

Chumz Travel Lodge 

Rocky Village, Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9549

Secret Cove 

Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9084

E-mail Address:  tomsolski@fastmail.fm

Website: www.secretcovecmiguin.net

My Hiding Place 

Rocky Village, Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 309-1927

E-mail Address: myhidingplace.camiguin@yahoo.com

Casa Esparanza

Rocky Village, Yumbing Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9062 / Mobile No.: 0930-9427521

E-mail Address: aljonesladera@yahoo.com

Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin

Balbagon Camiguin

Tel No.: (088) 387 -0131 / Mobile No.:  0920-9017270

E-mail Address:  info@bahaybakasyunansacamiguin.com

Website: www.bahaybakasyunan.com

Enigmata Tree House

Maubog, Balbagon Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-0273 / Mobile No.: 0918-2304184

E-mail Address: enigmatatreehouse@yahooo.com

Website:  www.camiguinecolodge.com

Camiguin Rooftop Hotel

Rizal Street, Polacion, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-0511 to 13

E-mail Address: camiguinrooftophotel@yahoo.com.ph

Website:  www.camiguinrooftophotel.com

J & A Fishpen Resort

Benoni Mahinog

Tel. No.: (088) 387-4008 / Mobile No.: 0928-7930279

Patsada Cottages 

Agogo, Mambajao

Mobile No.: 0929-3166913

E-mail Address: patsada.camiguin@gmail.com

Website: www.camiguin-cottages.com

Islet Beach Resort

San Roque, Mahinog

Tel. No.: (088) 387-4005

Cabua-An Beach Resort

Balintawak, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-2103

Camiguin Highland Resort

Orasan, Soro-Soro, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-0516

E-mail Address: info@camiguinhighlandresort.com

Website: www.camiguinhighlandresort.com

Ardent Hot Spring Hibok-Hibok Resort

Esperanza Tagdo, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-0508/ Mobile No.: 0927-8814918

E-mail Address: ardent_hibokhibok@yahoo.com

Camiguin Action Geckos

Agoho, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9146

Email Address: info@camiguin.ph

Website: www.camiguin.ph

Caves Dive Resort

Agoho, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9040 / Mobile No.: 0918-9157593

E-mail Address:  cavesresort@yahoo.com

Website: www.cavesdiveresortcamiguin.com

Villa Paraiso Resort and Apartelle

Quiboro, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-0419

E-mail Address:  villaparaisoresortapartelle@yahoo.com

Website: www.villaparaisoresortcamiguin.com

GV Tower Hotel Pension House

Poblacion, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-1041

Website: www.gvhotelgroup.com

Tia’s Beach Resort

Tapon, Poblacion, Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-1045 / Mobile No.: 0927-8490726

Jasmin by the Sea

Bug-Ong Mambajao

Tel. No.: (088) 387-9015 / Mobile No.: 0926-3295568

E-mail Address: melindawidmer@yahoo.com

Website: www.silent-gardens.com

Hope this helps. 🙂

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5 comments on “CAMIGUIN – Accommodation

  1. very informative! thanks much!

  2. We have a new website now where you can find all info on our place.
    Please add the url to our details: http://www.everyoneweb.com/camiguin

  3. Hello, please change the website to: http://www.pabuascottages.com
    We made some improvements and you can book directly through our contactform.

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