Bukidnon – Dahilayan Adventure Park

We set our alarm early for yet another adventure. We woke up 5:25 AM. While chatting with Earl there had been a brownout but just for few minutes. We readied ourselves and by 6:45 AM, we left the hotel to Agora Market. We asked our motorela driver to drop us to the van terminal to Bukidnon. It’s just near Mang Inasal. We’re in Agora Market by 7:00 AM.

There’s already a van when we arrived but is set to leave in an hour so we decided to have breakfast in Jollibee nearby.

Our hearty breakfast.

The van left 8:30 AM. We arrived in Camp Philips around 9:30 AM. I already arranged our habal-habal prior to arrival in CDO. I chance upon Kuya Biboy while searching online.

Finally in Bukidnon, dubbed as the Green Province and home of the sweetest pineapple. from Camp Phillips it will be less than an hour travel to Dahilayan Adventure Park. So from CDO to Dahilayan Adventure Park it will be more or less a 2-hour travel time.

Riding a habal-habal on an up and down rough road is already an adventure for me. The muddy road and the dust didn’t help and to add that I also have my monthly period that time. Arghh, imagine the hardship I went through. But everytime I see the beautiful surroundings somehow it’s worth it.

Start of our Bukidnon Adventure, still smiling (di pa rough road eh.)

On the way to Dahilayan Adventure Park, we passed by a long stretched of pineapple and corn fields. As per Kuya Biboy some part were owned by Del Monte Philippines and others privately owned. I saw strawberries as well, I thought it only grows in Baguio.

On arrival to Dahilayan Adventure Park we immediately bought 2 single passes for zipline all rides (long, longer and longest) and Earl also purchased one pass for ropes course then we rest for a while.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is located in Barangay Dahilayan Manalo Fortich Bukidnon. Nestled at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad and is 4,700 ft. above sea level. The park was built with the vision to boost tourism in Bukidnon and the Philippines as well.

The all rides zipline is worth P600. That includes the 840M Asia’s longest zipline, the 320M dual zipline and the 150M zipline.

The 320M dual zipline. Oh, hello pata. Haha

Then the 150M zipline.

After the 150M zipline we were given instructions where to go for the 840M. It’s on another location. We were told to look for a shuttle that will serve as our service to the 840M ride.

On our way up we can’t resist the scenic view fronting us so alam niyo na, shutterbug as we are.

Ok moving forward, we’re able to find the shuttle. Riding here is another adventure. It’s rough and muddy road, and the driver seems driving on a smooth paved road. I wonder how can he drive fast considering the state of the road. I think it’s intentional for the heck of another adrenaline rush. All passengers didn’t know where to cling or hold. We’re all worried but laughing at the same time. Notice the shuttle’s seats (see picture below), that set up didn’t help. Any moment I thought I’ll be ejected from my seat. But hell yeah it’s fun.

The 840M Asia’s longest zipline.

View from where we are…

After seeing how high we are I felt nervous. That’s me and my fake smile. πŸ™‚

After being strapped and hung, they open the gate, make sure everything’s safe, they push and let you go then close the gate while readying the next in line. They’re giving instructions in Visaya, their local dialect, so I have to ask them to translate it in Tagalog or English. Don’t want to miss any important instruction. πŸ™‚

And so it’s our turn…

That’s Earl screaming his heart out. Haha. I’m so enjoying the view that I forgot I’m nervous. Lol. Well, it’s scary at first but after they let me go that feeling left me. I even manage to use the camera I’m holding and capture the scenic view. I love the cool breeze on my face and the feeling of flying.

I look like a behave child here. Haha. Didn’t know they were already taking picture had I known I would’ve smile.

Twas fun and unforgettable experience. Two thumbs up! I conquered and survived Asia’s longest Dual Zipline. Woohoo!

We went back to the ropes course challenge location after.

It’s almost lunchtime and we’re told we have to wait till 1:00 PM for the ropes course. Instead of going back we waited in one of the gazebos. We ate the biscuits Mary gave us in the bus on our way back to CDO from Camiguin.

While waiting… Zzzzzz…

Not long enough the man who manned the ropes course arrived. So Earl made some stretching and off he go. As I observed you ought to have strong endurance ,which currently I don’t have, to cope with this activity. Good thing I didn’t purchase one. Kudos to BGF Earl, he’s able to finish the whole ropes course challenge, 12 obstacles in total.

Then back to the main area to explore. πŸ™‚ Interesting plant. My first time to see this.

Ziplining, It’s More Fun In Dahilayan. Indeed!

We asked Kuya Biboy to join us for lunch. We had our late lunch at Cowboy’s Grill.

Me and Kuya Biboy had Lechong Kawali while Earl had Salisbury Steak. All serve with rice and vegetable siding. P150.

Just across the Cowboy’s Grill you can see the Drop Zone Sky Swing. This features a 120 ft. free fall. This is indeed an extreme adventure and what an adrenaline rush. Didn’t dare to try this. I’m not yet ready. Lol, maybe next time. πŸ˜‰

Activities Rates in PHP
All Rides (Zipline) 600
840M zipline 500
320M zipline 250
150M zipline 250
Ropes Course (2 level, 12 obstacles) 200
Drop Zone 500/pax or 750 for 2 pax
Wall Climbing 100

Bits of Info:

Dahilayan Adventure Park is open from 9:00 Am to 3:00 PM even during public holidays. You may contact them at mobile number 0922-8801319 or visit their website www.dahilayanadventurepark.com.

P100 per picture with a ziprider’s certificate. Another photo print costs P50.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is 100 meters away from Forest Park where you can experience riding a buggy/ATV, zorb, horseback riding and more.

Entrance Fee at the Forest Park:

  • Weekday: P50 / Weekend: P100
  • If you avail the ATV/Buggy Ride entrance is free
Activities Rates in PHP
Horseback Riding 100/pax
Buggy 800 for 2 pax
ATV 400
Zorb 250/pax or 400 for 2 pax
Bungy Bounce 200
Mini Boat Ski Ride (15 mins.) 200
*Prices may change without prior notice

Thumbs up for Dahilayan Adventure Park! I had fun. πŸ™‚

On our way back to Camp Phillips we stopped at the vast pineapple plantation. πŸ™‚

Here’s Kuya Bibot Sanchez. Found out from him that he’s also a Barangay Councilor in Brgy. Mampayag Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. If you need his service you may contact him. His mobile number: 0916-2864637. Such a good driver and guide.

3:45 PM We arrived in Camp Phillips. After another photo op in front of Del Monte then Kuya Bibot dropped us at Philips Terminal.

We rode a van again back to CDO. It left 4:10 PM and we’re in Agora Terminal by 5:15 PM then rode a motorela back to the hotel.

Expenses PHP
Motorela ride from hotel to Agora Market 8
Van ride from Agora Market to Camp Phillips 60
Habal-habal (P400 so it’s P200 per pax) 200
All Rides Zipline 600
Souvenir Picture 275
Lunch (including Kuya Biboy’s is P450/2) 225
Van ride from Camp Philips to Agora Market 60
Motorela ride from Agora Market to the hotel 8
Total 1436

Next: Divisoria’s Night Market

41 comments on “Bukidnon – Dahilayan Adventure Park

  1. Wow, another good place for adventure!

  2. thank you so much this entry was very helpful…. I would be going to CDO-CAMIGUIN-BUKIDNON this December and this one made it easier…

    • Thanks Rey. You might want to include Iligan City and visit Maria Christina and Tinago Falls too. I’m just not finish with all my entries on this 7day tour of Northern Mindanao. I hope to finish it this month. πŸ™‚

  3. waaaaaaa…..gusto rin ung zipline, more fun in the philippines tlga… wala dito nyan hehehehe….. and i love the pine trees, parang Baguio ang peg…. 7days kayo dine… makapagdraft nga ako ng mas maikli baka pede kong isingit sa december, ur post convinced me lah! thanks zayza! πŸ™‚

  4. Thankz po sa info…laking tulong to sa plan naming dalawa ng gf ko. We are planing na pumunta din doon sa November. lalo na dalawa lang kami mas makakatipid talaga. πŸ™‚
    Madami ba booking si kuya ?sana available xa pag punta namin.

  5. ..yeppie! truly informative! my friends and I are planning to go early this december, and your post just help us out in our target budget:))

  6. yeppie! truly informative:)) my friends and I are planning to go there early next month, and your post just help us out in our target budget:)) salamat :))

  7. thank God for this blog. me and my friend just booked a ticket to cdo this sept. and planning to go to dahilayan. all my questions were answered here. including the how to get there.atleast we can plan our itinerary already. πŸ˜€ Awesome blog!:O

  8. Hello πŸ™‚ love adventures so much.Did you stayed on a hotel? what hotel,and may i know their rates? thank you!! Godbless You

  9. Hello, is the fare for the habal-habal still at 400? Do you have a contact # for the driver who also can tour us when we get there? Thanks

  10. I’m really excited to take adventure @Dahilayan Adventure Park,. I’ll be there soon .!!!

  11. Your site really helped me a lot ^_^
    Will be visiting Dahilayan soon.

    Thanks! It would be fun!

  12. great info! thumbs up for the expenses breakdown! wanna go there with my friends πŸ˜‰

  13. nice info. thanks!

  14. Very good reporting. Is the cost of habal habal with Kuya Biboy back and forth na o one way lang? Hinintay nya kasi kayo at hatid pabalik sa Philips..

  15. talaga po ba 1436 lng lahat gasto nyo??? per head po ba yan???

  16. Nakatulong para maencourage naman makapag adventure ako ulit after being so busy..malapit lang yan dito sa cdo pero di ko pa navivisit ang dahilayan …maraming hotel dito cdo and its in cheaper rates.Im going there in august or december…sino gusto makisabay?heheheh

  17. this is really helpful… thnks to you zayza..

  18. For me, your travel info is one of the best! rates. rides. travel time, restos and contact person are all accounted. never mind the weather. part na ng climate change yan, more power and happy trips

  19. …ang ganda noh,,,, so ano pah ang hinihintay ninyo punta nah kayo enjoy…pah πŸ˜›

  20. very informative. Can you bring your own food inside? my family and i are planning to go there next week. thank you.

  21. pahabol… can the habal habal carry 3 persons? pang apat yung driver…

    • Hi Edelie! I can’t really remember if allowed pero I just asked my friend who is a tour guide in CDO and he said yes allowed naman mag pasok ng food. As for your 2nd question I don’t think so. Sa rough ng road I don’t think it will be comfortable as well. πŸ™‚

  22. I love that u include all rates. It helps. Especially were planning to take a vacation in bukidnon..

  23. Hello. If you’re looking for Van for rent pwede po kami . Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter ,17 seater, and Starex . Rate starts at 3500+renters fuel for out of Davao City trip. For queries please feel free to contact me 09078955582. Thank you πŸ™‚

  24. The Drop Zone course in Dahilayan Adventure park has an artificial pond now. In your picture it wasn’t filled yet. They have more attractions now, you should come again soon.

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