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CDO – Divisoria Night Market

Though tired from our Bukidnon Adventure we went out 8:30 PM for the Divisoria Night Market. It’s in our itinerary and it is just few minutes away from where we’re staying.

The Plaza Divisoria (Golden Friendship Park) is so different from the usual sight were seeing ever since we arrived here. On weekdays its familiar to see people getting back and foot massage in the park from blind masseurs. But on Friday and Saturday nights it’s so different.

Divisoria Night Café and Night Market, set up every Friday and Saturday nights. Divisoria streets is close to traffic and fills with delicious food stalls and cheap pitchers of beer, and most importantly thousands of people shop and enjoying a cheap night out. Haggle over a pair of imitation Adidas then relax at a plastic table with a huge piece of grilled tuna and beer with ice cubes and watch the crowd go by. –Wikitravel

Cheap finds. Shop till you drop. 🙂

Divisoria street is also filled with street stalls, barbecue grills, and live entertainment.

Tables and chairs set up on the street.

Movie playing on the big screen.

We had dinner at the night market while listening to the band playing. The city is so lively and we’re loving the atmosphere. We went back to Willshire past 10:00 PM to have a good rest. We’re sleeping with a smile on our face. So far we’re enjoying this 7-day Northern Mindanao Trip.

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One comment on “CDO – Divisoria Night Market

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