Iligan City: Tinago Falls – A Sight to Behold

If I’m bewitched and intimated by Maria Cristina Falls at the same time, Tinago Falls awed and calmed me. After a 500 steps descent to reach the falls,  its calming just to be near and seeing water cascading beautifully forming a basin-like pool. Truly a sight to behold.

Tinago is a Filipino term meaning “hidden”, the falls being hidden in a deep ravine. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Iligan, a city known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. Under the falls is a small cave where people can enter and listen to the rumbling waters. – Wikipedia

To get here we rode a jeepney bound to Buru-un and ask the driver to drop us in Crossing. You’ll know you’re there if you see single motorcycles falling in line like tricycles. We rode a motorcylcle/habal-habal to Tinago Falls. It is a good 10-15 minute ride. To return to Crossing you can asked them to get back to you on a specific time if you want.

Upon arrival you’ll be crowded by locals offering their services as guide. Since we’re not familiar we opt to have one but believe me it’s not needed it’s easy to get to the falls. Our guide is Bossing. He talks a lot. So talkative but in a funny way. He’s not irritating at all. There’s an entrance fee of P10 and an optional donation.

Earl going down the winding staircase. 

Another picture of Tinago Falls

You can get close the falls through raft with the help of locals. You can give them a small fee for the trouble. 🙂

For adventure seekers you can join local kids jumping off the cliff. 🙂

I’m jealous of Earl being able to take a dip. Curse that monthly visitor. 

He’s indeed enjoying every bit of it. 

I can sit and watch this majestic falls the whole day. It’s refreshing just watching it. I’m so at peace being surrounded by nature. I know I’m sounding like a recorded player but really God is amazing.

3:30 PM We’re back in Crossing. Rode a multicab to the bus stop/terminal.

4:00 PM We’re at the terminal waiting for the bus back to CDO.

4:20 PM Bus arrived and left immediately. It’s already half-full anyway.

7:20 PM Arrived at Bulua Terminal. It’s a 4-hour travel  time due to traffic. Then rode a jeepney to Divisoria and had dinner at Park Cafe (Divisoria Plaza).

8:30 PM Finally back at the hotel.

Bits of Info:

Weak signal or no signal at all (depends on your network)

Entrance Fee – P10

Donation – Optional

Life Jacket Rental – P20

Table Rental – P50

Cottages – P100-P300

Directions and expenses on our 1-day tour of Iligan City:

Expenses PHP
Jeepney ride from Cogon to Bulua Terminal 12
Breakfast (La Paz Batchoy P20 and Suman P6) 26
Bus fare to Iligan City 85
Jeepney ride fron bus stop to church 7.5
Jeepney ride from church to hi-way 12
Entrance Fee to NPC Park 35
Shuttle Fee 10
Lunch (Cheeseburger and Iced Tea) 43
Jeepney ride to Crossing from NPC Park 7
Habal-habal ride to Tinago Falls jump-off 25
Entrance Fee to Tinago Falls 10
Donation (optional) 20
Guide (50/2) 25
Habal-habal ride from Tinago Falls jump-off to Crossing 25
Multicab ride to Bus Terminal bound to CDO 7
Bus fare to Bulua Terminal 85
Jeepney ride from Bulua Terminal to Divisoria 12
Dinner at Park Café (tocilog) 70
Total 516.5

Next: 7th Day – Last Day In The City of Smiles

8 comments on “Iligan City: Tinago Falls – A Sight to Behold

  1. Hi. Im from Iligan. Glad you loved it in here 🙂 The City of Waterfalls!

  2. Beautiful! I should come one day! Thanks for the lovely photos!

  3. Huwaw! excited na ako sa June sis punta din ako dito. Penge nman ako ng itinerary mo. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Gelai nice to hear from you again. 😄 CDO b yan or Iligan lang kau? And how many days? Ung itinerary ko kasi d ko p na-post pero most of our activities r there. Ung excel file after each post. Mejo busy kasi lately. 😁

  4. Hi there! Im plannin to have a vacation on these places iligan, cdo and bukidnon. Would u mind helping me on where should i go first or where should i stay so that i could visit all these places for not less than 10 days. it would be my first time im plannin to go there by 3rd week of may. I’m from manila. Thanks a lot! Btw, such a very helpful and awesome blog! ^_^!

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