7th Day – Last Day In The City of Smiles

Tuesday, our 7th day, is our last day in the city of smiles. We chose to spend it in a mall. Haha. As much as we want to we can’t afford another activity. Financially we’re almost drained. We went to Limketkai Mall around lunchtime. We left our things at the front desk. The shopping center is situated within the business district of Limketkai Complex in Lapasan.

We had lunch at Goldilocks just near the entrance and went to Robinson’s Mall which is accessible from Limketkai Mall. We bought pasalubong here. Running out if ideas on how to spend our day we went back to the hotel before 2:00 PM. I read my book and Earl finish reading his Archie Comics.

We should have gone to Macahambus Adventure Park, its pretty affordable but it’s too late for that. If we want to we should have gone there in the morning. I’ve found out about it late. That’s okay. We’ve had enough of adventures we can take for the week. (pampalubag loob). 🙂

We left the hotel 5:30 PM and rode a taxi to the Lumbia Airport. It started to rain on our way to the airport. Cebu Pacific is not yet open when we arrive. I’m not sure on their shift schedule maybe depends on how many flights Cebu Pacific Air has to Cagayan de Oro. There are few passengers already. Early birds like us.

Inside Lumbia Airport. Waiting area. 

Our flight schedule back to Manila is 8:40 PM but there’s a delay due to flight congestion in NAIA Terminal 3. Our flight is moved to 9:25 PM. We arrived in Manila 10:51 PM.

Expenses PHP
Jeepney ride from Cogon to Limketkai Mall 8
Lunch at Goldilocks 75
Jeepney ride from Limketkai Mall to Divisoria 8
Taxi from Willshire Inn to Lumbia Airport (P250/2) 125
Check-in Baggage (448) 224
Terminal Fee 30
Burger while waiting for our flight 😛 25
Total 495

Next: CDO – Accommodation

6 comments on “7th Day – Last Day In The City of Smiles

  1. hello zayza! love ur blog! been reading your posts about Boracay, Ilocos, Bicolandia, KL, SG et al to get tips for our upcoming vacation in December. aside from the info, really enjoying ur stories, keep wiriting, am hooked reading! 🙂

    • Hi Leandra, thank you for always dropping by and reading my entries. So you also noticed my love for cameras? Me being a shutterbug? Haha. I hope my posts are able to help you plan your itineraries. Should you need assistance just shoot me an email. Happy travels!

  2. Hey Leandra! Did you also notice Im the star of this blog? Hehe! Earl

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