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Fresh Catch Isdaan: With The Family

This will be just an update on my earlier blog on Isdaan. This trip again was last October 6, 2012 (late post). We went here after visiting Kamay Ni Hesus. We left the shrine 1:00 PM after having lunch there and arrived in Isdaan around 2:30 PM. I have returned 8 months after my first visit and there had been additional huts and displays as an added attraction to the fun park.

I’ll just be posting pictures of this fun trip (camwhoring) with the family. 🙂

Me, Jacky and Sherap.

Kids area:

Free face painting for the kids.

Bikes for the kids:

Additional area that’s been added were on the farther back side. Crowded this time by replicas of monks, elephant heads and still gigantic statues of Buddhas.

Enjoy a boat ride. Just give 20PHP for the bangkero. Just 20PHP for all of you na. Oh choosy pa ba?! 🙂 Kids should be accompanied by adults.

Early Dinner

Isdaan is now open from:

For more details of the park and other information like getting here you may check my earlier post on Fresh Catch Isdaan: The Floating Resto Fun Park.

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