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Aha-mazing Bangkok – Day 00

I visited Bangkok wayback 2013 with my officemates (who happen to be my close friends). We have friends who now works there and they invited us to visit them. Booking with officemates on a seat-sale is always a challenge. First, we’re too many so finding a seat-sale is hard. We don’t want to split or have different flights. Clingy as we are. 🙂 So as always trips are either too short or too long depending on the dates available that can accommodate all of us. But most often it’s too short so our activities are always jam-packed and always in a hurry. Second, we have to consider our leaves. There can’t too many of us to file a vacation. Good thing two of us transferred to another department. So leaves are a bit easier to manage.


While waiting at the airport. Earl MIA (missing in action)

We were in Bangkok first week of May and the temperature never goes down to 34 degrees. We really felt it when we visited The Grand Palace on our second day. It’s so hot and humid. Jha said it’s hotter than the Philippines. We’re sweaty all over especially our boys Rj and Earl.

Our flight arrived past midnight. 2 AM to be exact. There’s a slight delay from our flight in Manila. We boarded the plane 10:10 PM and it left 10:30 PM. It’s a good 3 and a half hours travel from Manila to Bangkok. Manila is one hour behind.

We we’re fetched by Jha and Milan (our host while in BKK) at the airport. Vans and taxi are the only available mode of transportation. Train is no longer available at the time we arrived at the airport. We hired a taxi and split into two groups. Taxi is 200 THB but Jha paid for it. 😀

We were dropped somewhere near our friend’s office to have our late dinner. They call it “suki” since they frequent the place. Silken met us there. They all work in the same company.


I had or most of us should I say had thai fried rice for 30 THB.


From there we just walked to our friend’s place. They were renting a condominium not far from their workplace. On our way we passed by a convenience store. We went inside to check how different PH’s 7/11 from BKK’s. Haha. Well they have bigger sizes of Yakult to start. 😀


To end our long day, we all had a taste of mango sticky rice Jha prepared. Being a fan of mangoes (ripe or not) I easily fell in love the first taste. I love the combination of mango, sticky rice and coconut milk.


Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

Mango sticky rice is a Thai classic famous dessert. Just put some fresh mango slices over the sticky rice (also known as sweet rice) and smother a coconut milk.

We had our peso exchange to thai baht at Terminal 3, not far from Cebu Pacific’s area. There’s a money changer there.
Summary of expenses for the day:
Expenses Day 00 THB PHP
Terminal Fee 1620
Travel Tax 550
Thai Fried Rice 30 41.15
Total   2211.15

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