A Visit to Pandin Lake

“The only reason people take you for granted is because they assume you’ll always be there, prove them wrong.”

This is a quote I chance upon online and this is true, that’s how I can describe my relationship with Pandin Lake and other tourist spots in Laguna. I often visit other places, even those a plane ride away, wherein here just few hours or even minutes away from my hometown I can experience what other places can offer. Well so yes, I vow to visit and promote more of my province in the future.

Last Thursday, finally, I was able to visit Pandin Lake with family. Oh yes you’re reading it right this is not a late post. Haha. I still do have a lot of pending to post but I would like to write about this first since this is just a day tour.

Pandin Lake –  is one of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo City in the province of Laguna and being the most popular. Just next to it is Yambo Lake. Pandin and Yambo are twin crater lakes separated by a narrow strip of land. It is said to be the most pristine among the Seven Lakes.


I’ve been planning to go here almost every summer but never pushes through. This one is unplanned and even on the day itself we were all like still waiting confirmation from each other. Actually there’s no need to plan ahead, we just have to pack our lunch. Pandin Lake is just a “tumbling away” from our hometown Rizal, Laguna.

11:30 AM – We’re complete and ready to leave. From Rizal, ride a jeepney with a signboard San Pablo and asked to be dropped at Pandin Lake. Fare is 8 php.

11:40 AM – Already at the lake’s parking area. See we’re that near. 😛 Our parents even know some residents and some were even distant relatives hence the discount given to us.

You’ll know you’re there when you see this billboard of our handsome Gov. Ramil Hernandez welcoming you to Pandin Lake. And yes, that’s the parking area in the picture. If you book the tour in advance someone will pick you up from this point to accompany you to the lake.


And we started to trek.



It will take about 10-15 minutes to trek this unpaved road. It’s just a short trek but being under the heat of the sun seems eternity.


11:55 AM – Arrived at Pandin Lake and finally getting a glimpse of this piece of paradise. I’m quite amazed actually. Serenity, that’s the instant feeling dawned on me upon setting my eyes on Lake Pandin.



We don’t have any plans of riding the raft and be brought from one end to another as part of the tour. Well I do but maybe some other time. Not that we don’t want to but we’re too many and we don’t have much budget to spend especially we have kids with us. We opt to rent a still bamboo raft with a nipa hut (is that the way to describe it?), it will serve as our cottage. I guess it’s still the same feeling, we’re also floating in the water though not moving. Haha. We  were able to get a discount  since the owner of the raft is a distant relative of my father but normal rent is 500 php.


These kids surely had fun and was able to find a way to entertain themselves.


We enjoyed eating lunch with our hands as the wind blows, loving the cool breeze on this sunny weather.


Saw a man catching shrimp aboard his raft.


Then later on another man delivered his fresh catch “dulong” to the house near our rented raft. Dulong is also oftenly called silver fish with beady eyes. A woman is said to pick it up to sell them “sa bayan” (in town). Our moms won’t let it passed, they bought of course. It’s cheaper here. They’ll make bola-bola (flat one just like patties) out of it. A bigger version of dulong is called bakule (chana striata) which the kids try to get out of this big blue basket of dulong.


The kids even tried to fish on their own using a hanky.



And here’s my mom with the kids trying to get some bituo/bitoo. I don’t know the english translation of it but it belongs to the family of snail and kuhol but the smaller version of them. It is usually cooked in gata or coconut milk.


The lake is covered with lush green surroundings which even made the cove more appealing.


The water is clean and inviting that made me want to join the kids and have a dip myself. Those floating on the water were just leaves. 😛



Here’s what I’ve been mentioning on how the kids were able to entertain themselves (aside from fishing). Their parents were freaking out as we don’t know the depth of the lake. Sometimes it can be shallow from really deep. Me? I was pretty amused on their creativity on how to let their parents “let” them. Ang kukulit lang.





Here’s my obligatory pic on the raft.


And with my mom, relatives and cousins. An afternoon well spent with them. ❤


Rafts parked on the side awaits tourists.


Some views you’ll see when trekking. A farm with Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal as backdrop.


Expenses PHP
Jeepney fare from Rizal to Ilog 8
My share on bamboo raft rent 100
Jeepney fare from Ilog to Rizal 8
Total 116

Bits of Info:

  • Rafting with lunch: 360
  • Lunch inclusion: grilled tilapia, shrimp cooked in coconut milk (ginataang hipon), fern salad (ensaladang pako), rice, banana and mineral water
  • Rafting only: 180
  • Swimming on the lake requires life jacket
  • Water in the center of the lake is about 180 ft.
  • Water on the part that they allow guests to swim is about 80 ft.
  • You can get a glimpse of Pandin’s twin lake Yambo on a short trek
  • They have electricity
  • Use of restroom is with a fee of 5 php
  • Overnight camping allowed
  • Should you want to visit Pandin Lake you may contact Aling Siony: 09299789565


From Manila:

Ride a bus bound to Lucena. Either from Jac Liner or Jam Liner terminal from Kamias, Quezon City or Jac Liner, Jam Liner or DLTB terminal from Buendia/ Gil Puyat in Pasay. Tell the bus conductor San Pablo City. Get off at SM San Pablo. Take a jeepney ride to simbahan or bayan. Near 7/11 convenience store, ride another jeepney to Ilog. Just tell the driver to drop you to Pandin Lake. From the parking area there’s a short trek to get to the lake. 

From Liliw, Nagcarlan and Rizal: 

Take a jeep bound to San Pablo City. Tell the driver to drop you to Pandin Lake. From the parking area there’s a short trek to get to the lake.


13 comments on “A Visit to Pandin Lake

  1. Thank you so much for the info provided! 🙂

  2. Hi! How much would it cost to rent a moving raft with lunch? 🙂

  3. Is it safe to leave a private car in the parking area? is there someone looking over the parking area?

  4. how much will be the entrance fee ?
    and if we dont have any food ? is there a place wecan buy on ? tnx

  5. great lake indeed! We’re just there yesterday and my inner child really jumped out of me as I swam in the green yet clear water.

  6. balak nmin mag punta s sept 17 dyan mayroon po b kaung no ng pde nming tawagan

  7. hi 🙂 ung 300php po eh good for 1 person lang, ung raft with lunch ?

  8. How much po ang rate pag overnight camping?

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