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Ilocos 2013 – Birthday Trip

Day 00

It will be my first time celebrating birthday away from my family but I’m traveling with my childhood friends and they’re like family too. Why choose Ilocos? I’ve been to Ilocos Sur before but not able to totally explore the place. As for Ilocos Norte it will be my first. I’m thrilled to be celebrating my birthday in a different place and for tons adventures that awaits us.  😛

It’s fun to do road trips but since we only have limited time we opt to take the 45-minute to one hour Manila-Laoag flight via Cebu Pacific. Prior to our travel date I already secured tour package and accommodation for a hassle free barkada getaway. I highly recommend Kuya Glenn, our tour operator / personal photographer / driver / tour guide, but I’ll make a separate post of our itinerary, tour package and accommodation to be more detailed about it.


We landed at Laoag Airport around 8:42 PM. We’re fetched at the airport by Kuya Arnel. Our airport pick up is already included in the package. After dropping our bags in our homestay accommodation, which is just 15 minutes away from the airport, we asked to be brought to the nearest restaurant for a late dinner. He brought us to a Filipino restaurant CDM Mario’s. It’s a cozy night out bar in Laoag. There’s also a live band playing good music.



If we do not have an early tour the next day, we really would love to stay a bit longer as we enjoyed our little time there. Maybe next time.


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