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Juan Luna Shrine (Dambanang Juan Luna)

Day 1

We woke up 5 AM and had breakfast at 6:30 AM. We’re able to leave the house around 9 AM. Before proceeding to Ilocos Sur we had a detour at Juan Luna Shrine (Dambanang Juan Luna) in Badoc, Ilocos Norte. It’s good that we avail a tour package since not everyone doing DIY tour had a chance to visit this place since buses passing through Badoc won’t pass the shrine’s exact location. Hidden gem it is!

Badoc is the birthplace of the illustrious master and patriot Juan Luna y Novicio, older brother of General Antonio Luna, both of them being Filipino heroes.


Juan Luna Shrine is a two-story middle-class home of the Luna family. It’s made up of bricks and contains replicas of his works and family photos and personal memorabilia.




Rooms of the Luna’s are at the upper level. There’s also a reproduction of Juan Luna’s paintings upstairs and so as antique furnitures.


Deep well near the garden area. As per Kuya Glenn, it hasn’t dried up yet. So there we are trying to take a peek.


Reproduction of Juan Lunas paintings printed on tarpaulins are displayed around the garden outside.


I enjoyed this quick tour at the Luna’s residence. There’s a tour guide explaining and retelling stories about the Luna’s, the house and most of the things displayed inside. And punching in fun facts / trivia as well.


Bits of info:

  • No entrance fee. Donations only.
  • Open from 8 AM – 5 PM | Tuesday – Sunday


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