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Let’s go.

I’m a Mass Comm graduate from FEU Manila. Works in a hotel industry. Currently living in Mandaluyong City. My home town is Rizal, Laguna. A small town nestled between San Pablo City and Nagcarlan, Laguna. 

I discover my love for traveling late 2009. I always travel with my friends. Never experience traveling alone but would love to try it someday or alteast travel with a group I’m not familiar with. That would be fun and unforgettable experience. 

A hesitant blogger. I’ve always wanted to blog but never find time to start it. Not until my friend, a fellow lakwatsera, made me see some travel blogs we’re able to access in the office. 🙂 I originally wanted to blog about photography since that’s the hobby and craft I’m always interested in. But seeing other travel blogs I changed my mind. I decided to blog my travels. This will serve as my travel diary. Through this I can now track all my travels. Maybe this can also inspire other people to travel as well and discover and see with their own eyes how beautiful the Philippines is (and yes the world as well). That’s what I’m feeling everytime I browse other blogs. It always inspire me to travel more. 🙂

I seldom track my travels but since I’m decided to start blogging I have to re-track my past trips. So pardon me for lack of information for most of them. can’t remember all the details. For my future adventures and trips I promise to be more detailed. 🙂

I love capturing sunrise and sunset.

I’m an amateur photographer, travel junkie, a food enthusiasts and kaladkarin by nature. 


I am maybe a mass comm graduate but I admit I’m not into writing. I’m more interested in media and theater arts. Plus I haven’t been writing for years now (except when I’m updating my journal). So bear with my terms, words and grammar. Yes that’s a disclaimer. Haha 🙂

Add me:

Twitter: zayzaislets

Instagram: zayzaislets

Tumblr: xyzaurriquia.tumblr.com

And please like my Facebook Page 🙂

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  1. Glad you have kept this blog, batch! More adventures please! 😍

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