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Camarines Norte

Though I’ve been checking and reading online for this trip I’m still not prepared for this scenery. We gasp in awe of this gem in the northernmost side of Bicol. Paradise-like in Camarines Norte. The fine white sand, the turquoise crystal clear blue water, the solemnity of the place. This is Boracay 20 years ago they say and yes I must agree.  […]

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A child in me had been waiting for daybreak but since it rained last night we’re not able to see Mr. Sun rising, but still I’m all smile. I really love the feeling of waking up with a view of the beach. There’s a feeling of calmness within me. I feel so pacified.  […]

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  • At this time, there are no commercial establishments in the island, no electricity, no mobile and internet network. Well there is mobile network somewhere but definitely it’s not Globe.
  • For DIY travel, provide tent, foods and drinking water, and most important charge your camera before leaving the mainland […]

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It started to drizzle as we reached Vinzon’s port. We arrived at Vinzon’s at 12:55PM. We headed to Kuya Nano’s house then a side trip to Bagasbas beach. We’re in Bagasbas by 1:45PM. We had our lunch at Surfer’s Dine Inn. As we’re having lunch rain became heavier with thunder and lightning. We’re hesitant to continue our plan to   […]

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