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Technically Day 3 of our epic 7-day Northern Mindanao tour but I would like to call it still Day 2 since its already night time when we landed in CDO. Day 1 being spent on rafting. #justsaying.

We checked out at the hotel by 7:30 AM. Rode a motorela to Agora Market and had breakfast in Jollibee. Rode an ordinary bus to Balingoan (which I regret, we should’ve opt to an AC bus) by 7:48 AM. The bus left 9:10 AM […]

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We plan to leave the island after lunch so we are advised by Kuya Chris to go to the famous White Island in Camiguin early morning instead. We’re up by 4:30 AM but it’s raining so it’s impossible to go there this early. We went back to sleep and do it in the afternoon instead since its high tide by 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM. We have to adjust our itinerary then.

We went out of the room 6:30 AM to check out the beach. Pabua’s Cottages is just few minutes walk away to the jump off point to White Island. On our way to the shore Earl noticed this. Uhmm they meant customers right?! :D […]

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We didn’t book our accommodation in advance. I don’t know why but I’m used to this or should I say I’m always like this for all my domestic travels. Haha. I always search online though for reference. Good thing Kuya Chris, our tour guide, was able to find us a good place. He brought us to Pabua’s Cottages […]

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