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I heard Isdaan from my cousin and since we’re just nearby I decided to drop by and see it for myself. It opened last quarter of 2011 and yes it’s the branch of the famous Isdaanin Gerona, Tarlac. Exactly the same concept but I believe this one  in Calauan, Laguna is […]

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I used to thread the road to Underground Cemetery during my highschool days when I’m still studying in St. Mary’s Academy of Nagcarlan but it will be my first time to actually go inside the cemetery itself. This is just less than 10 minutes travel from my […]

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After visiting the Underground Cemetery, we just crossed the road to have an early dinner at Shell Kubo. I used to frequent the place during my younger years. Nothing had changed. They manage to maintain it as it is. Why name the place Shell Kubo? Because they’re just beside the Shell Gasoline station […]

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I’m still amazed and overwhelmed with the feedbacks I’ve been receiving from all of you. Rest assured I’m able to read all those. I do apologized I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time. I still have pending “gala” to post. I’m almost done with my Northern Mindanao trip last year but is yet to post the itinerary. It’s still sitting in  […]

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This will be just an update on my earlier blog on Isdaan. This trip again was last October 6, 2012 (late post). We went here after visiting Kamay Ni Hesus. We left the shrine 1:00 PM after having lunch there and arrived in Isdaan around 2:30 PM. I have returned 8 months after my first visit and there had been additional huts  […]

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This is a quote I chance upon online and this is true, that’s how I can describe my relationship with Pandin Lake and other tourist spots in Laguna. I often visit other places, even those a plane ride away, wherein here just few hours or even minutes away from my hometown I can experience what other places  […]

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