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I’m close to Quezon Province but I didn’t know that they have a lot of beautiful undiscovered and untouched beaches to offer. Well I’m familiar with their heritage, their festivals, been thrice to Kamay ni Hesus, the now popular pilgrimage site during Holy Week and Laiya, where there’s also a long stretch of beach resorts. I was not aware of this side of Quezon, beaches  […]

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Located in Padre Burgos in Quezon, the Tamarind Tree Resort offers native style type accommodation. Rooms classified as hill top, beachside, beachside (aircon). We were able to get the hill top fan room since the cheapest accommodation we can get. We overlooked the rate we saw online. We thought its 800php per room. When we arrived  […]

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When I was told about Borawan I became curious. Why named the place Borawan. Found out its the combined name of Boracay and Palawan. Twas said that it has the white sand of Boracay and fascinating rock formation and pristine water of Palawan. We left Manila early. Amidst of warning not to pursue this trip due to tsunami we still went on and continue what has  […]

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Part of the two-island tour we were able to get, we went to Dampalitan Beach after Borawan, also in Padre Burgos, Quezon. Its less than 15-min drive from Borawan. Upon seeing the island it reminded me of Anawangin Cove. Pine-tree like, called Agoho, will welcome you. Exactly the same […]

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There are three accommodations available in Cagbalete Island, Pansacola Beach Resort, there’s Villa Cleofas and MVT Sto. Nino. Among the three, Pansacola is the one offering great beachfront whatever the tide is. Villa Cleofas is offering numerous type […]

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We left Rizal 6:30 in the morning. We arrived in Mauban market 9:00am. Its less than 2.5 hours travel from our hometown. Two of the boys left to buy things we’ll be needing. Weird right? Its supposed to be girls who’ll be doing that but they didn’t allow us to go down our van. Gentlemen indeed. There’s only one ATM machine  […]

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This will be the first time I’ll be blogging after the trip. In short, in beki’s term/gay lingo, it is freshly baked. Haha. This trip was just yesterday. I’m just excited to share our adventure because I really had fun and enjoyed  […]

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I lost count how many times I’ve been here. The first time I was here was during Holy Week few years back and a lot have changed from then on. Back then the only highlight of the place was just the 50-foot statue of resurrected Christ on top of the hill and to reach it you have to climb 301-steps  […]

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