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My Singapore-Malaysia trip happened last March 30th till April 3rd. This will be the most memorable trip so far, not because of the experience, places I’ve visited and new-found friends I gained, well that was given, I really enjoyed their company, but because of the nerve-racking experience I’ve gone through at the  […]

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Singapore is just less than two hours away from our country. Also known as Merlion City. Merlion has a lion head and a fish body resting on a crest of waves. The lion head symbolises the legend of the rediscovery of Singapore. Day 1 was jam-packed. Non stop running and walking. Walkathon ever. Actually most of […]

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Day 2 in SG is literally dedicated to walking. We were told that there’s a small IT show in Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre so we went there first. Their annual “big event” expo show is during February. We rode MRT to get here and went down on Expo station. One station away from the Changi Airport. Half of our day […]

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Third day was dedicated to shopping. As if the first two days weren’t. Haha. We left Bryan’s home with our things and dropped it at the Fragrance Sapphire Hotel in Geylang area where our friends were staying. Geylang is considered as the red light district in Singapore. No need to be picky that’s one of the best  […]

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