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I visited Bangkok wayback 2013 with my officemates (who happen to be my close friends). We have friends who now works there and they invited us to visit them. Booking with officemates on a seat-sale is always a challenge. First, we’re too many so finding a seat-sale is hard. We don’t […]

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We don’t get to sleep much as we arrived in Bangkok 2 AM and we have to wake up with less than two-hour sleep for an early tour. It’ll be a busy day for sure as we have to squeeze in most of the activities for only two days. Jha booked  us a half-day tour “Floating Market”. We didn’t avail […]

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Day 2 is dedicated to Grand Palace and mall hopping. Jha will be with us today, she filed a leave from work to be our tour guide for a day. Though still sleepy we all woke up early as we’re all excited to visit Grand Palace. But the excitement was slightly dampened when the taxi we hired […]

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After spending half of our day at the Grand Palace we hired a taxi to MBK mall for 250 THB. It accommodates all of us, this time not splitting into two groups. We’re used to heat as we also live in a tropical country but Thailand’s weather is super! We’re all sweating hard as we tour the Grand Palace. So all of us can’t wait to be confined […]

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We have put our phones on alarm apparently it just keeps on ringing, too sleepy to move our arse. We were in shocked to find out the time, it’s already 6:35 AM! We should be able to leave Jha’s place before that time. We were all in haste as we listen to Jha’s instruction on how to get to the airport. We’re not  able […]

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