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This trip was last September 2011. I’ve mentioned on my earlier posts that I’ve been busy for the last quarter of 2011. And also I can’t make an entry in one seating. I’m easily distracted by people around me. Yeah I know I’m not a multitasked person. I usually write when I’m alone. The downside of this is I tend to forget details from my past travels. This 2012 I promise to update my blog since its also me who is having a hard time collecting information and details […]

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First morning in Ho Chi Minh City we don’t know yet if we’ll transfer hotel or not. Some problem I’ve mentioned on my previous post when we checked-in.

Instead of booking tours we decided to eat first. Talk our plans over breakfast. It’s still early in the morning so not all establishments were open. We walked around until we found Trung Nguyen Coffee. It’s at the back of […]

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Water Puppetry has been part of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. It showcase Vietnam’s history and culture. The orchestra accompanies the performance with traditional music and song. We availed the 6:30pm show […]

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Long will still be with us for a day tour in Mekong River. We asked him to adjust our itinerary an hour earlier since Jha and Silken will have a late afternoon flight to catch back to Bangkok. We met with him at the hotel lobby […]

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After the tour in Mekong River we all hurriedly went to downtown HCMC. On our list were Saigon Square and Ben Thanh Market but of course there’s a lot of destructions along the way.

We all went to Saigon Square first. Just like Divisoria, stalls are back to back. It’s a bit  […]

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